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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Dickie – Abdominal Swelling and Bloating


Patient returns from out of state for NBE treatment for abdominal bloating and swelling. (RS #40 7/7/01RS #46 8-25-01RS #72 3-23-02 #264 10/10/09)


Dickie – Severe Work Related Back Injury


Returning Patient from Idaho recounts how the NBE treatment helped cure severe back pain from a work related injury. (RS #40 7/7/01RS #46 8-25-01, RS #72 3-23-02 #264 10/10/09)

Don – Diabetes, Gangrenous Leg, Cold and Flu


Patient with diabetes and history of Gangrenous Leg recounts his experience with the NBE treatment and how it prevented him from leg amputation. (RS #104 1/25/03 RS #157 6/12/04, #182 12/18/04, #185 1/15/05, RS #225 7/14/07  #359 3/29/14)



James – Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Abdominal Pain, Constipation



Patient from out of state Utah with history of ulcerative colitis and constipation was initially skeptical of the NBE treatment. After his first NBE treatment, his bowels were normalized and patient now returns periodically for maintenance. Patient’s son, who is a track and field runner, suffered from stunted growth and was worked up by world renowned hospitals. After NBE treatments, he grew significantly in height and his leg cramps from running were also cured, allowing him to compete and win competitions. (RS #4 9/30/00 RS #85 8-10-02, RS #94 10-12-02RS #115 4-26-03  RS #132 8-23-03 #328 3/23/13)

Janet – Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Focus


This patient, who has been on anti-depressants and anxiolytics for years, tells about her experience with the NBE treatment and how they have helped her. (RS #63 1/12/02, #30 4/21/01)

Joe – Numbness and Pain, Weakness, Poor Memory, Poor Balance, Lack of Energy, Chronic Fatigue



Patient suffers from numbness on the tips of his fingers and toes. He has a hard time balancing himself while standing on his feet as a result of a mild stroke in 2003. After the NBE treatment, his memory and appetite have improved, his balance is better, and he is able to walk farther.

Rick and Geri – Autism, Hip Pain


Mother and son describe their experience with the NBE treatment. After the NBE treatment, patient’s hip pain was alleviated. (RS #226 7/21/07 #263 10/3/09 #141 11/22/03)

Aaron – Kidney Failure, Hypertension, Back Pain, Fatigue


Patient with Kidney Failure and Hypertension has been on dialysis for many years. After the NBE treatment, he had increased energy, his back pain has greatly improved, his blood pressure is controlled with less medication, he is able to walk much longer and farther, and his dialysis time has also been decreased. (RS #357 3/15/14 , #263 10/3/09 , #237 11/24/07 #363 4/26/14)

Alejandrina – Buttock Pain, Swollen Ankles


Patient with Buttock Pain and Ankle Swelling after 1st NBE treatment.


Anthony – Immobile Foot since birth


Boy who was born unable to move his right foot receives his first NBE treatment and is able to move foot after treatment.

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Note: Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years, or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

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