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Diabetic Neuropathy of Feet, Severe Infection, Edema and Swelling, Discoloration of Skin, Amputation Avoidance, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

Don (see #104 1-25-03, #182 12-18-04, #185 1-15-05 #225 7/14/07 YT from Norwalk, CA) This construction worker came to Dr. Tong with a recurrent infection in his leg. In the past nine years, his leg has become more discolored and he has been progressively losing feeling in it. The deterioration in his leg was so bad that he almost lost his foot three times a year and a half ago from running a nail through it. He went to see a Podiatrist who suggested cortisone shots to help his foot, but to no avail. Don also consulted an acupuncturist who helped him walk in two days. However, he ran another nail in his foot which caused him to be hospitalized once again. It was six weeks before he could work again. His legs then got infected from a scratch which caused his legs to greatly swell. The medication prescribed by his primary physician controlled the infection but did not help with the swelling. By the time he consulted Dr. Tong, his legs were extremely swollen. Within 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, Don got 50% of sensation back in his legs. Now he has had 6 treatments and color has started to return and his leg looks like it belongs to his body rather than a separate appendage. His legs also started to drain and the swelling went down. Don also had shoulder and back problems which were also alleviated. He feels that it is a miracle at how fast Dr. Tong helped him with his feet. He urges any diabetic with feet problems to consult Dr. Tong. Now he has feeling in his feet and has movement. Don has returned to Dr. Tong for ulceration in his right leg. After 2 treatments his leg is lighter, the swelling has come down, and the flexibility is coming back in his right ankle.

Adam (caller from New York City) – Arachnoiditis

Kathy (caller from Westminster, CA) – Trigeminal Neuralgia, CN V Hitting the blood vessel.

Chronic Gout, Chronic Sinusitis, Lower Back Pain, Obstructive Cysts of Bladder Neck, Hypertension, Prostate Problems, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

Locksley (see #141 11-22-03, #145 1-31-04, #157 6-12-04 from San Luis Obispo) This Cal Poly Administrator and faculty life coach suffered from the above mentioned problems. He went through the allopathic route, which led him only to medication. He found Dr. Tong on the internet and decided to try his treatments. After 2 treatments from Dr. Tong, the stiffness in his lower back was gone and his sinuses were cleared. His right shoulder has increased range of motion and his saliva ph is slowing increasing. His blood pressure has also stabilized without medications at 129/91. Locksley continues to improve with Dr. Tong’s treatment. He has lost 30 pounds since beginning treatments with Dr. Tong and feels healthier and stronger.

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