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Patient Success Stories

We are proud to present hundreds of success stories that have had a chance to experience relief from Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Patient Letter: Chest pain, Angina

I have had this problem of chest pain for about 18 months. In that time I was in the hospital in February the sixth 1986 for three days.

I had taken medication. Since that time to January 31, 1987 I was in the hospital for twelve days again in that time the doctors could not find the right medication to help me. The doctor told me he would recommend me a better doctor.

Dr. Tong, the first visit I had with you I felt much better. After three visits I felt like I never had that disease before. I give many thanks to Dr. Tong. I also owe my life to Dr. Tong.

With Thanks
– Bertha H.


55 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Lupus, Vision problems

I am a Lupus patient, and have been treated by various specialists for over nine years.. During this time Medicare has spent thousands of dollars for periods of hospitalization, and prescribed tests, including MRIs and CAT SCANS, and doctor’s fees. Even so my condition had deteriorated eighteen months ago to the point where the doctor was going to start me on chemotherapy. At this time in my downward slide I was referred to Dr. Yee Wing Tong.

He took me off all drugs, started me on a series of nerve block injections, and after two months I felt like a new person. I have relief of being able to indulge in normal physical activity for the first time in years. I have not had a relapse of the lupus since that time.

Additionally, I was attending an eye specialist or deteriorating vision about eight months ago, and field vision tests showed a high degree of field of vision loss, particularly in the left eye. I was prescribed ocuguard and vitamins, and a return visit in three months.

On a subsequent visit to Dr. Tong I happened to mention my vision concern. He suggested a nerve block treatment for my eyes, and this was two weeks prior to my return to the eye specialist. After a follow up field of vision test by the eye specialist he commented that he was amazed by the 60% improvement in my field of vision since my last visit.

My vision has remained stable since then and so, thankfully, have my headaches.

– Nonee R. S.

54 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Glaucoma, Hypertension, High cholesterol

Toby S.

I have had glaucoma for 30 years. One doctor after another tried to control my eye pressure with daily eye drops, medications, many cataract surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, even corneal transplants. Then I developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctors put me on more pills. Nothing seemed to help. My last ophthalmologist informed me that there was nothing he could do and I was going to be legally blind.

Finally I was referred to see Dr. Tong. Amazingly after 3 months of treatments, both my eye pressure and blood pressure returned to normal, and my cholesterol dropped from 350 to 230. For the first time in 30 years, I do not need any medication or eye drops and I feel fantastic. I am slowly regaining my peripheral vision. Last week I actually saw television. What a shocking experience that was for me! I wish I had known Dr. Tong sooner.

53 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: RSD

I would like to thank Dr. Tong for all his help. He has been very kind, considerate, and most of all very patient in my recovering.

In February of 1992, I was diagnosed with RSD in both legs and the left arm. I was in a wheelchair for four weeks. I was treated by an Internist doctor, an anesthesiologist, a rheumatologist, a cardiologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. They decided to give me an epidural. I received a series of three epidurals within a three week period. I was then able to walk and recover 70% of my illness, but my hands were all the time swollen, and then after four months, I started with acupuncture treatments, it started to relieve the swelling in my hands but then I began with pain in my leg again, she couldn’t treat my hands and leg at the same time.

Then in July of 1994, I started with a severe pain in my leg that I wasn’t able to sit down or stand up for four days. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Tong. After the first treatment, I felt 70% better, after the third treatment, most of the pain was gone. In some of my treatments with Dr. Tong, I was very depressed and he relieved my depression with one shot.

Sometimes I have had ups and downs emotionally because the treatments are painful, but after the treatments I feel much better. I have amazing results in other areas, my back was very dark with different spots and through the treatments, my face has been clearing out.

I highly recommend Dr. Tong with any type of illness; he will be able to tell you if he can help you or not.


– Sara T

52 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: RSD

I’m a 30 year technician who was hurt at work and developed an extremely painful condition called REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY (RSD). I was treated by an Orthopedic surgeon for 2 months without any relief. My shoulder and arm became increasingly painful and swollen, severe burning, sweating, and total loss of movement. The pain was so great I was unable to sleep. I was having thoughts of shooting myself. I was referred to Dr. Helem, an anesthesiologist at the Chapman clinic. He started me on aggressive physical therapy, twice a day, 6 days a week or two months! He also gave me a total of 14 stellate ganglion blocks, plus 2 guanethidine Beer blocks. None of these did me any good, and the blocks gave me a stroke look on my left face. Then they recommended a sympathectomy, a major operation. But the surgeon told me that I would have a 99% chance of having a droopy face, and no guarantee on the relief.

I had just about giving up when my Rehab nurse from Travelers Insurance Company took me to Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong told me I was one of his most difficult patients. He tried everything including cryoneurolysis. None of the treatments lasts, except the first cryosurgery which relieved 60% of my pain for three months! Since then he had to repeat the cryo several times along with the use of a few epidurals. Every treatment made the pain a little better and the relief longer. Today I need a treatment approximately every 2-3 months. But in between, I live a better and happier life with my son and wife.

I know a group of people with this problem who are suffering day and night, because no one knows how or wants to deal with it. So I feel very lucky to have met Dr. Tong. His office and staff are first class. All I have to say is thank you, Dr. Tong for helping when a number of doctors close the door on people like me.

– Ronald B.

51 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Leg pain, Foot pain, Neuropathy

Saturday morning, I saw an ad in the Times. We came to see Dr. Tong. The first day I came to Dr. Tong, I could not drive. I could hardly walk. I have had severe leg and foot pain for years because of neuropathy. I tried everything, even the famous Scripps Clinic. All they did was prescribe pain killers. The pills made me lose my balance. They did a lot of tests. Some made me very sick. It was a total waste of time and money!

The first treatment Dr. Tong did made me feel very good right away. I did not have to take any more pain pills. Now, I can drive. I can even put on my good lizard boots from Texas. I’m very thankful. I would recommend Dr. Tong to anyone, and they can call me any time.

– Frank H.

49 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Back pain, Leg pain, Foot pain

After 3 ½ years of intense pain my legs, feet and back, began treatments with Dr. Tong in Oct. 1985. Two months later, I have regain much feeling in my feet. The pain diminished in my legs and feet. My back is completely free of pain after an epidural morphine treatment. Present treatments are continued to further reduce the pain in my legs.

I am truly appreciative of the results I have gotten so far from Dr. Tong’s clinic.

– Joseph T.

48 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Trigeminal neuralgia

After two MD’s, three dentists, an orthopedic specialist, a neurologist told me I had Trigeminal Neuralgia and that there was nothing he could do for me except operate, which he did not recommend as it was too dangerous. Excruciating pain would radiate from my ear down through the roots of my teeth. At times, I could not bear to touch my lips or cheek or brush my teeth, eating, or even talking was almost more than I could stand. Then I saw Dr. Tong’s ad, and now after eight treatments, I am almost back to normal. I cannot praise Dr. Tong enough for the wonderful work he and his very efficient and capable staff are doing in Long Beach.

– Margaret B.

47 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Shingles

I suffered with Shingles for two and a half months before starting treatments with Dr. Tong. I endured constant pain which affected my left leg from my ankle to my groin. I could not bend my knee, and was barely able to walk. I was on pain medication, and sleeping pills, and was afraid of becoming addicted to the strong medication. After being treated by Dr. Tong with acupuncture, I started to improve after only three treatments. I was able to discontinue all medication and was walking again after ten treatments. I am grateful to Dr. Tong and his wonderful staff for helping me recover from the shingles, and the post herpetic neuralgia that followed. Thanks again.

– Bette J. I.

46 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

Patient Letter: Neuropathy, Numbness, Chest pain, Back pain, Shingles

Dear Dr. Tong and staff,

First off let me say thanks for your expert treatment and for the loss of acute pain I have experience since my treatments started on Jan 9, 1991.

On Dec 23, 1979 I was admitted to Long Beach Memorial Hospital and diagnosed as having Pancreatitis, an abscess on my stomach and gall stones and gallbladder disorder. After 59 days and 2 extensive surgeries, I was released from the hospital. Since that time, I have had numbness and sleepy fingers, hands, and feet. This pain has been most severe at times and has been with me 24 hours days and nights. This was termed to be a diabetic condition. No treatment seemed to help this pain.

During the first week of Oct 1990, I experienced a severe pain in my right chest and right side of my back from waist to shoulder. This pain got progressively worse as time passed. I was treated during this time and took many pain pills trying to relieve this acute pain. I was admitted to the hospital for 1 week, the first week of Nov to have test x-rays to try and determine what was causing this acute pain. I was diagnosed as having herpes zoster (shingles).

The first week of Jan 1991, my family doctor referred me to Dr. Tong for treatment. After my first treatment on Jan 9th, my pain in my chest and back was 90% gone. After one more treatment on Jan 10, my pain was completely gone and has not returned.

What a relief to be free of that excruciating pain and to Dr. Tong I say thanks a million. Dr. Tong has been treating my diabetic condition of my hands and feet and I feel they are at least 90% better and feel that real soon I will be 100% free of pain. Again I say thank you Dr. Tong for your excellent treatment and care. Your staff has been most courteous and considerate.

Yours Truly,

– Hughie T. B.

45 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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