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Kidney Disease

Learn about how you can finally get relief from kidney disease!

Our alternative therapy provides relief for over 90% of our patients suffering from kidney disease with their very first treatment.


What is kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a serious health issue as your kidneys help regulate your blood, fluids, and blood pressure. When your kidneys are damaged, waste products begin to accumulate in your body. This accumulation can cause swelling of the ankles, vomiting, inability to sleep well, and weakness. If left untreated, the damage can worsen and cause kidney failure and the need for dialysis.

What are the risk factors?

Family history – If a family member has kidney disease, other members of the family have a higher risk of developing the condition
Other medical conditions – Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease can increase the risk of kidney disease

What causes kidney disease?

Acute kidney disease is when your kidneys suddenly stop working. This can be caused by insufficient blood flow, accumulation of urine, or damage to the kidneys. These complications can occur from an injury, enlarged prostate, drug overdose or an infection.

Chronic kidney disease is when your kidneys do not work properly for more than 3 months. Common causes are high blood pressure and diabetes (Type 1 and 2).

Solutions for kidney disease

The kidneys are the batteries of our bodies. When we do not recharge our batteries and burn the candle at both ends, our kidneys become weaker and weaker. Improper diet, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, insufficient sleep, stress, and long term use of medications all weaken the kidneys. When our kidneys become weak, this in turn weakens our other organs causing a cascade of other problems. Our treatment focuses on first detoxifying the body, then strengthening the kidneys and other organs affected by kidney damage along with appropriate diet modification and herb/supplements.

How do I find out more about kidney disease?

Call East West Wellness Medical Center at (714) 556-8664 or click here to schedule an appointment. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining Eastern and Western medicine to provide relief from kidney disease without the use of drugs and surgeries. Dr. Tong not only treats kidney disease, but he improves your overall health.

What people say about Dr Tong‘s kidney disease treatments

“I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tong. I began going in once weekly. Over a period of several months (a total of 10-12 appointments), I began regaining my strength. At some point during this time, I stopped taking all medication.

Today is the first day of November (2013). This marks exactly three years since the doctor told me to be on dialysis by January (2011). Instead, I am now able to walk, work, lift, carry, and bend!

The doctor told me that the earlier lab report of blood tests showed kidney function improvement from 14% to 17%. At the following appointment he told me the lab report showed function improvement from 17% to 19% and blood pressure 158/88. At the last appointment, he said “You’re cheating me out of dialysis!”


Disclaimer: We make no guarantees of any kind. Results may vary from person to person. Not every patient or every case can be cured, and this website is not intended to replace the direct management of an illness by a caregiver. Please consult a qualified practitioner regarding therapeutic options.

Note: Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years, or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

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