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Learn about how you can finally get relief from hypertension!

Our alternative therapy provides relief for over 90% of our patients suffering from hypertension with their very first treatment.


What is hypertension?

Hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure. This can be caused by stress (i.e. from work, school, unhealthy diet). Main risk factors are old age, obesity, family history, drinking, smoking, and any existing health conditions. Hypertension can either be primary or secondary. Primary hypertension is when there is no known identifiable cause of the high blood pressure, whereas secondary hypertension is high blood pressure caused by another medical condition such as chronic kidney disease, sleep apnea, thyroid problems, or certain tumors.

Hypertension doesn’t usually have any signs or symptoms. However, hypertension is a serious health concern as it may lead to heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, and many other medical conditions.

What are the risk factors?

Age – risk increases with age but is common in middle aged men or around 45, women are more likely to develop high blood pressure after 65
Race – hypertension is more common in African Americans, and develops at an earlier age compared to Caucasians. Some complications such as stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure are also more common in African Americans
Family history – hypertension tends to run in families
Being overweight or obese – the more you weigh, the more blood supply you need to oxygenate your tissue thus there is an increase in your blood volume and blood pressure in the vessel walls
Physical inactivity – people who are inactive tend to have higher heart rates
Smoking – chemicals in tobacco can injure the lining of artery walls and also cause narrowing of the arteries, increasing blood pressure
High salt diet – too much salt in your diet causes fluid retention in the body, raising blood pressure
Low potassium diet – potassium causes an accumulation of sodium in your blood
Low Vitamin D diet – Vitamin D may affect the enzymes produced by your kidneys that affect blood pressure
Alcohol – heavy drinking can damage the heart, more than 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women may affect blood pressure. (One drink equals 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, or 1.5 oz of 80 proof liquor)
Stress – high levels of stress can lead to temporary increases in blood pressure
Certain chronic conditions – kidney disease, sleep apnea, thyroid problems, diabetes, and tumors may increase risk of high blood pressure

Solutions for hypertension

Health and lifestyle choices can contribute to preventing and alleviating high blood pressure. Regular exercise and a healthy diet low in trans fats and sodium help to maintain your blood pressure. Decreased intake of alcohol and smoking cessation will greatly decrease the risk of developing hypertension.

In Chinese medicine, the kidney, heart, and liver are the organs most affected by high blood pressure. We treat these organs accordingly and prescribe the appropriate herbs and supplements to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

How do I find out more about hypertension?

Call East West Wellness Medical Center at (714) 556-8664 or click here to schedule an appointment. Our practice uses an integrative approach, combining Eastern and Western medicine to provide relief from hypertension without the use of drugs and surgeries. Dr. Tong not only treats hypertension, but he improves your overall health.

What people say about Dr Tong‘s hypertension treatments

“For approximately 26 years I have been taking medication for high blood pressure in ever increasing doses. The M.D. I was seeing at the time wanted to give me another medication in conjunction with the Prinivil I was already taking. Now, under Dr. Tong’s care, I have been able to reduce the medication to ¼ the original dosage and my blood pressure has stayed within normal limits. In the future, I expect to be able to drop the medication totally.”

Natalie J. B.

Disclaimer: We make no guarantees of any kind. Results may vary from person to person. Not every patient or every case can be cured, and this website is not intended to replace the direct management of an illness by a caregiver. Please consult a qualified practitioner regarding therapeutic options.

Note: Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies for years, or even decades, but were able to get dramatic relief with their very first NBE treatment!

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