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I am a Lupus patient, and have been treated by various specialists for over nine years.. During this time Medicare has spent thousands of dollars for periods of hospitalization, and prescribed tests, including MRIs and CAT SCANS, and doctor’s fees. Even so my condition had deteriorated eighteen months ago to the point where the doctor was going to start me on chemotherapy. At this time in my downward slide I was referred to Dr. Yee Wing Tong.

He took me off all drugs, started me on a series of nerve block injections, and after two months I felt like a new person. I have relief of being able to indulge in normal physical activity for the first time in years. I have not had a relapse of the lupus since that time.

Additionally, I was attending an eye specialist or deteriorating vision about eight months ago, and field vision tests showed a high degree of field of vision loss, particularly in the left eye. I was prescribed ocuguard and vitamins, and a return visit in three months.

On a subsequent visit to Dr. Tong I happened to mention my vision concern. He suggested a nerve block treatment for my eyes, and this was two weeks prior to my return to the eye specialist. After a follow up field of vision test by the eye specialist he commented that he was amazed by the 60% improvement in my field of vision since my last visit.

My vision has remained stable since then and so, thankfully, have my headaches.

– Nonee R. S.

54 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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