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Dear Dr. Tong and staff,

First off let me say thanks for your expert treatment and for the loss of acute pain I have experience since my treatments started on Jan 9, 1991.

On Dec 23, 1979 I was admitted to Long Beach Memorial Hospital and diagnosed as having Pancreatitis, an abscess on my stomach and gall stones and gallbladder disorder. After 59 days and 2 extensive surgeries, I was released from the hospital. Since that time, I have had numbness and sleepy fingers, hands, and feet. This pain has been most severe at times and has been with me 24 hours days and nights. This was termed to be a diabetic condition. No treatment seemed to help this pain.

During the first week of Oct 1990, I experienced a severe pain in my right chest and right side of my back from waist to shoulder. This pain got progressively worse as time passed. I was treated during this time and took many pain pills trying to relieve this acute pain. I was admitted to the hospital for 1 week, the first week of Nov to have test x-rays to try and determine what was causing this acute pain. I was diagnosed as having herpes zoster (shingles).

The first week of Jan 1991, my family doctor referred me to Dr. Tong for treatment. After my first treatment on Jan 9th, my pain in my chest and back was 90% gone. After one more treatment on Jan 10, my pain was completely gone and has not returned.

What a relief to be free of that excruciating pain and to Dr. Tong I say thanks a million. Dr. Tong has been treating my diabetic condition of my hands and feet and I feel they are at least 90% better and feel that real soon I will be 100% free of pain. Again I say thank you Dr. Tong for your excellent treatment and care. Your staff has been most courteous and considerate.

Yours Truly,

– Hughie T. B.

45 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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