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Saturday morning, I saw an ad in the Times. We came to see Dr. Tong. The first day I came to Dr. Tong, I could not drive. I could hardly walk. I have had severe leg and foot pain for years because of neuropathy. I tried everything, even the famous Scripps Clinic. All they did was prescribe pain killers. The pills made me lose my balance. They did a lot of tests. Some made me very sick. It was a total waste of time and money!

The first treatment Dr. Tong did made me feel very good right away. I did not have to take any more pain pills. Now, I can drive. I can even put on my good lizard boots from Texas. I’m very thankful. I would recommend Dr. Tong to anyone, and they can call me any time.

– Frank H.

49 - Dr Tong Testimonial Letter

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