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Lupus (SLE), Shingles, Ear Infection, Fever, Muscle Aches, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Depression

Mayu (from Fresno, CA) This third year pharmacy student from Fresno started experiencing fever, muscle aches, fatigue, lack of energy, and weight loss in April 2002. He was generally tired, he had night sweats and started losing his hair. He went to his primary care physician who ran tests and was subsequently diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). He initially took Tylenol to help the symptoms, but they eventually returned. He was then put on 10 mg of Prednisone/day. He then developed Shingles on the left side of his body from the Prednisone and and ear infection. His physician then put him on anti-viral medication. After the Shingles, Mayu started getting joint pain in his knees, elbows, and shoulders. The pain was so bad that he could not even move his joints. His pain would also move from joint to joint. Dr. Tong explains that the cause of this movement of pain is from Liver wind which is caused by anger, frustration, and stress. Mayu was then told that there was no cure for Lupus and the only thing that he could do about it was to control symptoms. Mayu’s sister found Dr. Tong on the website and immediately consulted him for treatment. He was apprehensive about the first treatment. He has now had 4 treatments from Dr. Tong. His joint pain is completely gone, he has no night sweats, and the frequency of his fevers have decreased. He also now has no hair loss and he gained back the 15 pounds that he lost when he was ill. He stopped his Prednisone in December and now has no symptoms of Lupus.

Diabetic Neuropathy of Feet, Severe Infection, Edema and Swelling, Discoloration of Skin, Amputation Avoidance, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

 Don (see #157 6-12-04, #182 12-18-04  #185 1-15-05, #225 7/14/07 #359 3/29/14 YT from Norwalk, CA) This construction worker came to Dr. Tong with a recurrent infection in his leg. In the past nine years, his leg has become more discolored and he has been progressively losing feeling in it. The deterioration in his leg was so bad that he almost lost his foot three times a year and a half ago from running a nail through it. He went to see a Podiatrist who suggested cortisone shots to help his foot, but to no avail. Don also consulted an acupuncturist who helped him walk in two days. However, he ran another nail in his foot which caused him to be hospitalized once again. It was six weeks before he could work again. His legs then got infected from a scratch which caused his legs to greatly swell. The medication prescribed by his primary physician controlled the infection but did not help with the swelling. By the time he consulted Dr. Tong, his legs were extremely swollen. Within 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, Don got 50% of sensation back in his legs. Now he has had 6 treatments and color has started to return and his leg looks like it belongs to his body rather than a separate appendage. His legs also started to drain and the swelling went down. Don also had shoulder and back problems which were also alleviated. He feels that it is a miracle at how fast Dr. Tong helped him with his feet. He urges any diabetic with feet problems to consult Dr. Tong. Now he has feeling in his feet and has movement.

Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Chronic Fatigue, Neck Pain, Shortness of Breath

Arthur had low back pain and sciatica, which was a constant, gnawing pain. He gets chronically tired from the pain, had neck pain, and couldn’t breathe well. His breathing was very shallow. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, he can breathe deep now and can take a large breathe. His neck pain is 50% better. Now he wants to focus on his back pain which has been causing a lot of problems. Dr. Tong suggests that his returning pain from eating the wrong foods such as spicy foods, sweets, and phlegm producing foods, as well as over exercising without having the proper nutrition. 

Hypertension, High Cholesterol – Ron – caller

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