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Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Toe Pain, Shoulder Pain, Loose Stools, Pain in Sternum, Stomachaches, Hypertension, Hemorrhoids, Hypothyroidism, Sleep Apnea.

Mike (RS #259 8/8/09 RS #187 1-29-05, #194 3-19-05, #197 4-16-05, #198 4-23-05, #208 7-23-05 #359 3/29/14) has had low back pain for many years. There are times when his back “locks up” and movement is severely impaired. He has been suffereing from sciatic pain. The pain radiates down both sides of his legs. Sometimes, with standing, he will feel pain behind his knees traveling down the sides of each calf muscle. Over the past years he has noticed a sharp pain in the big toe of his right foot and thinks he may have a hairline fracture in his toe. A few years ago, he developed a pain in his shoulder. He hears clicking in his shoulder when he rotates it. He has had a pain at the bottom of his sternum in the xiphod process area. For the past few months, he has had a dull ache in his stomach especialy present during the morning hours. Occasionally his heart skips a beat. He is now on CPAP device to regulate his apnea. With NBE treatments his low back and sciatica have improved.

Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Circulation Problems, Allergies, Ulcer, Hiatal Hernia. 

Don (RS  #104 1-25-03,# 157 6-12-04, #182 12-18-04,#185 1/15/05, #359 3/29/14 YT) injured his right shoulder and his pain is chronic and constant. He has had right knee pain and low back pain for many years. He couldn’t walk for 2 weeks due to his neuropathy. He began to get allergies which stemmed from mold on the wall at his work. He has an ulcer and hiatal hernia for the past 10 years. With NBE treatments he feels much better overall. His shoulder is now less tense than before.

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