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Sciatic Pain, Leg Pain, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Weight Loss, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea

Mike (see #187 1-29-05, # 194 3-19-05, #197 4-16-05, #198 4-23-05 #225 7-14-07, #259 8-8-09 #359 3/29/14 from Anaheim Hills, CA) suffered from sciatic pain for the last 9 months. He has been going to the chiropractor for 7 months without much relief. He also tried Naprosen for 2 days without much relief. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, his right sciatic pain was 95% improved and has not bothered him since. Dr. Tong has also improved his left sciatic pain. He has also been diagnosed with hypertension almost 40 years ago and hypothyroidism. He has been on 2 medications for these conditions for quite some time. Dr. Tong urged him to discontinue his medication after treatments. After his 2nd treatment he cut them in half and his blood pressure was 135/72. After his 3rd treatment, he cut all his medication altogether. His blood pressure was within normal limits and he has more energy than ever. Another beneficial side effect of the treatment is that he has now lost 23 pounds on Dr. Tong’s recommended diet. Mike has now been off all his thyroid, high blood pressure, and cholesterol medication since receiving treatments from Dr. Tong. His thyroid levels are now more than optimal, his blood pressure is lower, and his cholesterol is lower than when he was on his medication!!! He has lost 46 pounds since he first came to see Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong has also help him with his sleep apnea. He has been off his CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine with no problems.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure

Andre has been suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pain for the past 18 months. He has extreme left sided neck and shoulder pain and severe right sided back pain. He has tried chiropractors, massage therapists, as well as pain medication, all to no avail. He also had high blood pressure and trouble sleeping at night. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, he had no pain and continues to have no pain! His blood pressure also dropped to 109/73 after his treatment.

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