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Pancreatitis, Fibromyalgia, Knee Pain, Neuropathy of Feet, Ankle Pain, Memory Loss, Hypoglycemia, Acute Lithium Toxicity

Mary (see #214 9-3-05, #215 9-10-05, #217 10-8-05 #222 6-23-07 #358 3/22/14 from Raceda, home loans) has been dealing with chronic pancreatitis which was not a result of alcohol abuse or gallbladder disease. She also suffered from fibromyalgia which she was diagnosed with at age 21. However, her blood tests have always been normal. She recently had an acute attack of pancreatitis before seeing Dr. Tong. She has been to the ER 5 times in the last 18 months. The ER would only give her Vicodin every time she had an attack and advised her not to eat. She had severe abdominal pain and digestive problems. Eating non-fat yogurt would immobilize her for a few hours and she would be so bloated that she looked pregnant. During acute attacks she was forced to take Vicodin. In the past few years she has also put on 50 pounds and she was always hungry. Any diet she went on, she would still be hungry after an hour of eating. She was told that her body was always hungry because she could not digest any food and not getting any nutrients. . Mary also had depression from chronic pain. Her rheumatologist referred her to a specialist who put her on lithium for bi-polar disorder, but she never experienced the manic phase of the disease. She was on the lithium for 17 months and gained 80 pounds, which made her feel even more depressed. She then had gastric bypass surgery and a few months later, she ended up going to the ER in a wheelchair and could not read without a magnifying glass from blurry vision. She was given IV fluids and the doctors missed the fact that she was having acute lithium toxicity. She then fell into a coma for 6 days and had 200 seizures. The doctors told her parents that she would most likely not wake up from her coma and may be in a vegetative state. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she was able to move much better. She stopped her medication (5 different medications non-stop for over 10 years) 3 days after her first treatment. She has just received her third treatment with Dr. Tong and has lost 6 pounds without trying. Her hunger and bloating was substantially better and more in the normal range (this was immediately better after the first treatment). Her stamina and energy was also so much better after Dr. Tong’s treatments. Her pain now is down to a 5/10, which she hasn’t been in 12 years. She has also not had a full-blown attack since seeing Dr. Tong, whereas in the past she was having an attack every week.

Hypertension, Anxiety Attack, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Insomnia, Fatigue, Nausea

Juanetta (from Cypress see #184 1-8-05, #200 5-7-05) is an ex-private investigator who was diagnosed with high blood pressure years ago. Last year, she was hospitalized 3 times for her hypertension. She has tried numerous medications but every one has made her extremely sick. She also has problems with insomnia and severe fatigue. The medications she has taken for her hypertension have made her nauseous for the past 6 months. An auto accident has also left her with neck and back pain. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she was able to sleep through the night. She is no longer nauseous and her pain is much improved. Her anxiety is better in that she is more calm and her pain has improved. Her blood pressure has also dropped. After her second treatment with Dr. Tong, she states that her psychic ability has returned. In her work as a private investigator, she assisted in missing persons cases. Her predictions are now coming back to her, whereas in the past, she lost this ability. 

Dialysis Patient, Big Toe Pain, Pneumonia, Chest Pain

Ed suffered from excruciating pain. He had a pain in his big toe for over 41 years. After one treatment, he has no pain. His chest pain and pneumonia is also improving. 

Back Pain, Cold/Flu

Mike (see #187 1-29-05, #194 3-19-05, #197 4-16-05, #208 7-23-05 #225 7-14-07, #259 8-8-09 #359 3/29/14) received a treatment from Dr. Tong today for back pain and a cold. After the treatment, his back pain was virtually gone. His cold has also been relieved after only one treatment.

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