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Arm Pain, Shoulder Pain, Osteoarthritis, COPD, Emphysema, Asthma, UTI, Incontinence, Anxiety, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Speech Difficulty, Sleep Difficulty

Karen speaks about her aunt Mary (#359 3/29/14).  Mary suffers from Parkinson’s Disease which has caused her right arm to experience a contracture where she cannot move or straighten it out without excruciating pain. Her arm is extremely painful from her left shoulder down to her hand. She also suffered from severe osteoarthritis for many years and has had 2 knee replacement surgeries and a back surgery. She has both lumbar and cervical stenosis. She now suffers from COPD,  emphysema and asthma as she was a former smoker. She is both urinary and fecal incontinent. She has had anxiety for 20 years and the anxiety level has increased when she developed Alzheimer’s disease. She has difficulty swallowing and also has speech difficulty and is unable to sleep without medication. With NBE treatments, her speech and movement are much improved.

Fibromyalgia, Knee Pain, Neuropathy in both feet, Ankle Pain, Pancreatitis, Memory Problems, Hypoglycemia

Mary (RS #198 4-23-05, #214 9-3-05, #215 9-10-05, #217 10-08-05 #358 3-22-14) was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and has consulted three different rheumatologists.  She describes the pain as a “hot pain” toward the top of her head. She has also suffered from knee pain for many years. Her knees pop out of place all of the time and she must wear a band around her right knee to keep it in place. She also has neuropathy in both feet. Since 2002, she has had pain on the medial side of both of her ankles. She was then diagnosed with pancreatitis which caused severe abdominal pain, mid-back pain, abdominal bloating, and nausea. Since 2001, the patient has noticed a difficulty remembering things. She has problems focusing and loses her train of thought often. With NBE treatments, her pains have been much improved and her pancreatitis has been eradicated.

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