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Hypertension, Anxiety Attack, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Insomnia, Fatigue, Nausea

Juanetta (from Cypress see #184 1-8-05, #198 4-23-05) is an ex-private investigator who was diagnosed with high blood pressure years ago. Last year, she was hospitalized 3 times for her hypertension. She has tried numerous medications but every one has made her extremely sick. She also has problems with insomnia and severe fatigue. The medications she has taken for her hypertension have made her nauseous for the past 6 months. An auto accident has also left her with neck and back pain. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she was able to sleep through the night. She is no longer nauseous and her pain is much improved. Her anxiety is better in that she is more calm and her pain has improved. Her blood pressure has also dropped. After her second treatment with Dr. Tong, she states that her psychic ability has returned. In her work as a private investigator, she assisted in missing persons cases. Her predictions are now coming back to her, whereas in the past, she lost this ability.

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