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Sciatica, Neuropathy, Thyroid Problems, Diabetes, Hypertension, Varicose Veins, Back pain, R Knee Pain, Frequent Falls, and Partially Blind
Ruth (#216 10/1/05  #220 6/9/07 , #227 7/28/07 , #239 12/8/07 , #272 2/6/10 ,RS #357 3/15/14 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 2 ) began seeing Dr. Tong in 2005. Ruth has had Diabetes since the 1980’s; she also suffers from blood leakage in right eye and is partially blind. She has had back pain from a car accident in 1985. She has felt much relief with the NBE treatments and finds herself improving after each treatment

Sciatica, Low Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Problems

Mike ( RS #225 7/14/07 RS #187 1-29-05, # 194 3-19-05, #197 4-16-05, #198 4-23-05, #208 7-23-05 #359 3/29/14)  complains of sciatica, low back pain, high blood pressure and thyroid problems. After having a successful operation on the l4- l5 discs. The pain returned a year after when he was playing golf and threw out his back. The pain in low back traveled down his right leg to limit his range of motion. He was on Thyroid medication and high blood pressure medication for 30 years and more. Within one NBE treatment his back pain was gone. After having multiple treatments he was able to stop his medication. With the NBE treatments Mike is free from sciatic pain. He is now able to control his blood pressure and thyroid without medication

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