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Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Mid-Back Pain, Menstrual Cramps

Jessica (see RS #3 9-23-00 RS #357 3-15-14) suffered from mid and low back pain for many years. She injured her right shoulder, neck, and arm. The pain was also in the front of her neck and in her wrist. She also experiences menstrual cramps every month. With NBE treatments, patient feels over all relaxation and ease of pain in all areas.

Type II Diabetes, Legally Blind, Lower Back Pain, Weight Loss

Ruth (see #216 10/1/05  #227 7-28-07, #239 12/8/07 #259 8/8/09 #272 2/6/10 RS #357 3/15/14 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 2 ) suffers from Type II Diabetes and is legally blind. Before the NBE treatment she could not read the “Don’t Walk” Sign across the street. She is unable to do basic daily chores, couldn’t find power plug, or see coins on floor and she couldn’t put on socks for a decade due to severe lower back pain. She takes a bus 4 hours one way to receive the NBE treatment. After the NBE treatment, she can do most home chores, can tell the difference between a quarter and nickel, can see the time on the clock, has no back pain, can put on her socks, has lost almost 50 pounds, and has greatly reduced her insulin intake for diabetes.

Low Back Pain

Dr. Limansky (RS # 138 11-1-03, #170 9-25-04  #178 11/20/04 #196 4/9/05 RS #357 3/15/14)  has had low back pain. With the NBE treatment his back is improved.

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