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Ruth (#216 10/1/05 RS #220 6/9/07 #227 7/28/07 #239 12/8/07 #259 8/8/09 #272 2/6/10 #357 3/15/14 YT Video Part 1) was legally blind and had suffered from many other health issues including low back pain, diabetes, inguinal hernia, and bilateral leg weakness (weakness in both legs) for several years. Before she began NBE therapy with Dr. Tong, Ruth was restricted from living a quality life. For example, she could not see well enough to even bend forward to tie her own shoes, vacuum, or pick up coins that she dropped. In addition, she had fallen 11 times within the past 3 years and ended up in the emergency room 4 times.

After the first treatment, she was able to bend forward without any pain. Ruth continued to come for treatments despite the 4-hour rides to and from the office through OCTA Access. Over the course of several treatments, Ruth’s vision became clearer to which she can now read the clock time in the bus. Her blood sugar levels have also been reduced from about 300 mg/dL to now 100-140 mg/dL. Additionally, her lower back pain and inguinal hernia pain have also been greatly alleviated.

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