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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Lois (see #207 7-2-05, from Pheonix, Arizona) had 2 operations for back pain. After her first surgery, her back herniated again 6 years later. She went for her second surgery and subsequently had even more pain in her back hips and legs. She went to medical clinics, tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractics. She felt better, but the pain would always return. Her neurologist told her there was nothing that could be done for her except for pain pills and anti-depressants. She found Dr. Tong on the web and after her first treatment, she felt a noticeable improvement in her pain. She has been seeing Dr. Tong for 5 months now, initially once a week, and now down to every 3 weeks. Her pain has been significantly decreased and she is feeling 100% better.

Chronic Cough, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Knee Pain, Neck Pain

Ruth (see #216 10/1/05 RS #220 6/9/07 #227 7/28/07 #239 12/8/07 #259 8/8/09 #272 2/6/10 #357 3/15/14 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 2 from Silverlake, CA) has suffered from chronic cough for 4-5 years and has been diagnosed with diabetes since 1989. In 1995 she developed neuropathy of her legs, feet, and ankles. She also had carpal tunnel surgery and kept dropping her plates because of weakness. She was down to 2 plates. In 1958, she fell down bleachers and injured her right knee. A neck surgery caused her to have severe lumps on her shoulders. After treatments with Dr. Tong, she is no longer coughing, she is starting to have feeling in her legs again, her hands are getting stronger, and the pain in her knees and neck have subsided considerably. She also no longer has the lumps in her shoulders. This is all after only 2 treatments with Dr. Tong. In addition, she rides 4 different bus lines, taking 4 hours to get to Dr. Tong’s office.

Shoulder Injury, Back Pain, Neck pain, Pulmonary problems, Dizziness, Shortness of Breath

John injured his shoulder, back, and neck area from working out. He developed bizarre symptoms besides pain including shortness of breathing and dizziness. They diagnosed him with brachioplexopathy. He would get short of breath just walking up stairs. He heard Dr. Tong’s show several years ago but did not consult him until recently. After his first treatment, he was breathing better. After the second treatment he had no more pulmonary problems and his pain was much improved.

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