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Breathing Problems, Water Retention, Edema in Legs, Rash, Fatigue, Spinal Pain, Digestive Problems, Congestive Heart Failure

Helen ( YT Video Part 1, YT Video Part 2 )  is from Lake Elsinore, Ca. She suffers from many symptoms that have caused her significant amount of pain and weakness. She has edema and back pain. She feels very heavy and weak. She went to the hospital where she lost forty pounds of water weight. She also struggles with digestive problems bloating and difficulty urinating. She has difficulty walking due to the edema on her bilateral legs and ankles. She struggles with breathing problems and is not able to walk long distances without losing her breath. Doctors recommended her to have a heart transplant due to her trouble breathing. After her first NBE treatment Dr. Tong she was able to urinate more frequently, she has less swelling in her feet and legs, she can walk and breathe easier.

Vision Problems, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low thyroid, fatigue

Ruth (#216 10/1/05  #220 6/9/07, #227 7/28/07, #239 12/8/07 , #259 8/8/09 RS #357 3/15/14 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 2 )  is a returning patient who lives with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and vision problems. She has been with Dr. Tong since 2005 and is recovering from a ruptured nerve in her eye. She lost blood in her eye due to a mix up with medication from her nurse. She suffered from vision problems and was recommended ten weeks to recover. She was prescribed to take more medication for her low thyroid and high blood pressure medication this made her feel more fatigue. After her treatment with Dr. Tong she has regained her energy and is going to continue her treatments with Dr. Tong to get back on track.

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