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Cerebellar Degeneration, Ataxia, Ataxic Gait, Balance and Coordination Problems 

Samuel (from New York) came to see Dr. Tong after seeing him on the internet. He was diagnosed with cerebellar degeneration. He has low back pain, neck spasms/pain, and ataxic gait (problems with balance and coordination). Dr. Tong explains that the pain and spasms in his neck signifies that the circulation to his cerebellum (small brain) is deficient, hence causing problems with his gait and balance. Samuel tried chiropractic treatments and his orthopedist told him that surgery would not help his problem. He was then sent to top neurologists in New York Presbyterian Hospital who specialized in movement disorders diagnosed him with cerebellar ataxia and told him that there was no cure. Since having 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, his lower back pain has significantly improved and his neck feels more limber. 

Weakness, Unresponsiveness, Severe Ankle Edema, Skin Cancers, Back Pain, Osteoporosis 

Mary Lou (see #201 5-14-05, #205 6-11-05, from LaVerne, CA) brought her parents to see Dr. Tong. For years she has been trying to find a medical doctor for her father. They stopped going because his medical doctors prescribed medication which only made him weaker. His health has spiraled very recently. He is extremely weak, unresponsive, and has severe ankle edema which caused his foot to swell greatly. After treatments with Dr. Tong, he has become more responsive, is showing more emotions, and his ankle edema is decreasing, where water is actually seeping out of his foot. He is also now beginning to get feeling in his leg. The ulcer in his leg is also beginning to heal, after 5 years of ulceration! In fact, the only alternative given to him for these ulcerations was amputation of his leg. Recently, after his last treatment (his 4th), he was able to turn his neck, which he has not been able to do for a long time. He is now also showing more emotion whereas in the past he was unresponsive. Dr. Tong also helped Mary Lou’s mother, who has cancer on her face. After her first treatment the redness on the cancer decreased and the pus started oozing out during the treatment. Now there is only a slight red mark on her face. Dr. Tong is also helping her with her back pain, from osteoporosis, and a blood clot in her leg. After only 3 treatments, she is feeling great and her pain has decreased tremendously. 

Low Back Pain, Hearing Problems, Sinus Problems 

Bob (see #206 6-25-05) who is 72 years young has been having hearing problems in his left ear all his life, has had one treatment with Dr Tong. Immediately after his first treatment, Dr. Tong spoke into his left ear and it “sounded like a stereo” system. It was an automatic improvement. His sinuses are now clear as he can breathe through both sides of his nose. His low back pain, which he has had on and off since high school, was the most dramatic improvement. He has absolutely no pain in his lower or upper back. His neck area is now relaxed. He is sleeping better and has improved circulation to his hands. Now after his second treatment, is low back pain is completely gone!

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome 

Lois (see #216 10-1-05, from Phoenix, Arizona) found Dr. Tong on the internet after looking for the diagnosis for Failed Back Syndrome. She has been suffering from lower back and leg pain. She has had 2 back surgeries in the past and was left with much pain in her lower back, leg, and numbness in her right foot and ankle. Her doctors told her there was nothing they could do for her except offer her pain pills and anti-depressants. After her first treatment, she has already noticed significant improvement in her lower back. Much of the tightness in her back has loosened. Most of her pain as well as the numbness in her right foot and calf has decreased. She has had a total of five treatments with Dr. Tong and looking forward for more.

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