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Mary Lou (caller from La Verne. see # 205 6-11-05, #207 7-2-05) – Mary Lou’s father has Numbness and Weakness

Ray (caller from Santa Ana) – Question about Rotator Cuff Tear

Dr. Elain and Dr. Tong review the “Ferreiro Report.”  Dr. Andrea Ferreiro is an intern who worked with Dr. Tong for one month in January 2005.  Here are some cases she observed:

Pelvic Pain, Pain with Intercourse, Hormonal Imbalance, Irregular Periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hirsutism

Dr. Ferreiro (see # 89 9-7-02, #116 5-3-03, #161 7-10-04#184 01-08-05, #361 4/12/2014) is an intern at Doctor’s Hospital Montclair who is rotating through Dr. Tong’s office this month. She suffered from irregular periods for 10 years and pelvic pain as well as painful intercourse for 2 years. She consulted 3 doctors including a gynecologist who diagnosed her with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She had cysts around her ovaries, causing her much pain. She was put on birth control, which regulated her period, but did nothing to help her pain. She had 3 treatments with Dr. Tong in September of 2002 and her pain is now completely gone. She has not had a recurrence of her symptoms ever since. 


~ Barbara is a woman with scleroderma. She came in with excruciating pain in her hands and fingers with severe swelling. The pain was so bad that she was unable to mover her fingers. Tears that seemed to be a mixture of frustration and deep sadness streamed down her face. After her treatment with Dr. Tong, her entire countenance had changed. She smiled and giggled on her way out of the treatment room. She was able to move her fingers much more freely than before, and her finger swelling was noticeably reduced just a few minutes after treatment!

Hypertension, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

~ Karen is a woman with hypertension and carpal tunnel syndrome that had left her without the use of her left hand for the last eight years. After being treated by Dr. Tong, she now claims that she “prefers her left arm” and that she often “reaches for things with that hand without thinking”. Her blood pressure is also well controlled with Dr. Tong’s treatments without the need for medication.

Arthritis, Chronic Knee Pain

~ Joni is a retired teacher and a dancer. She has arthritis and chronic knee pain, making it difficult for her to dance. After, being treated by Dr. Tong, her pain was greatly improved and she was able to go Swing dancing the same evening after a treatment.

Asthma, Colon Problems

~ Jerri is a lady with asthma and colon problems, which were much improved with Dr. Tong’s treatments. She also had an ingrown toe nail that caused her excruciating pain. She was scheduled for surgery the very next day and after treatment with Dr. Tong, she cancelled the surgery. Several months later, she still has no problem with her toe.

Depression, Food Poisoning, Lactose Intolerance

~ Steve is a gentleman who was treated for what UCLA and Scripts at La Jolla told him was depression. He was treated at some highly respected research hospitals and was given antidepressants that he claims made him so confused that he “got lost going to work”. Dr. Tong was able to successfully treat his problems, and Steve has been off of antidepressants for years. While Steve was being treated, he also related a story about a time that he had a severe case of food poisoning. He went to Dr. Tong’s house for emergency treatment and afterwards, his vomiting and diarrhea completely resolved. Dr. Tong also treated his lactose intolerance – now he can eat ice cream without symptoms and without Lactaid!!

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