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Lee (see #361 4-12-2014) – caller from West LA – Cataract Surgery

Wrist Pain, Osteopenia Heather (moved here from New York) This 23 year old participated in rough sports and hurdling when she was younger. She fell on her wrists from hurdling and as a result, started developing wrist pain a few years ago. She was diagnosed with osteopenia 1 year ago on x-ray. Her doctor told her she had the wrists of a 70 year old. She would type for 20 minutes and start to experience pain and fatigue in her wrists. She received one treatment from Elain and now has no wrist pain. Now she can type for hours without pain.

Leg Pain, Back Pain, Lipoma, Candida, Chronic Fatigue, Tinea Pedis, Nightblindness, Fear, Depression  Cheri (see # 13 12-16-00, #20 2-10-01, #43 7-28-01, #79 5-18-02, #95 11-2-02 #164 8-7-04, #223 6-30-07, 285 6-25-11, 359 3-29-14 from Henderson, Nevada) Cheri first came to us in December 2000 with complaints of right leg pain extending into her back due to a 7 X 9 cm lipoma in her leg. She was recommended by two doctors to have it resected, for which she refused. She went to 15 doctors who prescribed Tylenol with Codeine for pain, which provided very little relief from her pain. She also tried chelation therapy for 3 months, which caused her tumor size to increase. She also tried herbs, ozonated water, and 35% hydrogen peroxide to relieve her pain, all to no avail. Although she had her gallbladder removed, she still suffered from gallbladder pain. Cheri also suffered from candida, causing immense abdominal pain and bloating. She had extreme fatigue as well. All of the above caused Cheri to fall into a deep depression. After treatments with Dr. Tong, her lypoma has shrunk in size and has not caused her pain for the last 3 years until recently. She does not have nightblindness any more. She also used to have fear going over bridges which she does not experience anymore. She is no longer depressed and generally a very happy and bubbly person. Her husband, Mark, also came to see Dr. Tong for profuse sweating. After 2 treatments, his sweating has improved.

Pelvic Pain, Pain with Intercourse, Hormonal Imbalance, Irregular Periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Stein-Levanthal Syndrome, Hirsutism, Alopecia, Back Pain, Feet Pain, Fatigue  (Andrea, see # 89 9-7-02, #116 5-3-03, #184 1-8-05#201 05-14-05, #361 4-12-2014 from Rancho Cucamonga) – This physician has suffered from irregular periods for 10 years and pelvic pain as well as painful intercourse for 2 years. She consulted 3 doctors including a gynecologist who diagnosed her with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or Stein-Levanthal Syndrome. She had cysts all over her ovaries, which were causing her much pain. She was put on birth control, which regulated her period, but did nothing to help her pain. She has had 2 treatments with Dr. Tong in September of 2002 and her pain is now completely gone. Andrea returned for treatment of fatigue, back pain, and pain at the bottom of her feet. She was recently on a clinical rotation where she had to use her hands extensively, which she thinks has caused her fatigue and back pain. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, her energy was rejuvenated and she no longer has back pain. Dr Tong explains that Andrea’s kidneys were affected which were causing her symptoms.

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