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Pain, Gallbladder pain, Lypoma, Lymphedema, Candida, Eyesight Problems

 Cheri (see #13 12-16-00, #20 2-10-01, #43 7-28-01, #79 5-18-02, #161 7-10-04, #164 8-7-04 #223 6-30-07, #285 6-25-11, #359 3-29-14#361 4-12-2014) Six months ago, Cheri moved to Las Vegas so she could not see Dr. Tong anymore. Last Monday, she started having pain which did not stop. Her husband then drove her from Las Vegas to see Dr. Tong. After one treatment, her pain has decreased significantly. Cheri first came to see Dr. Tong in 2000, with gallbladder pain, even though her gallbladder was taken out. She also had a 9×7 lypoma, lymphedema in her legs and feet, candida, and poor eyesight. Ever since seeing Dr. Tong, she no longer has gallbladder pain, her lypoma is gone, her lymphedema has disappeared, and she no longer has candida. Her eyesight has also improved greatly because she does not have to squint to see freeway signs anymore.

Chronic Atrial Fibrillation

Lewis (see #86 8-17-02, #93 10-5-02, from Seal Beach, CA) Today is Lewis’ 77th birthday and he walk-ran 8 miles. He talks to Dr. Tong about how much happier he is with his life, how he has become more spiritual, and how he is now off all his anti-arrhythmics, and living life to his fullest.

Herniated Disc in Neck, Shouder Pain, Back pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Marilla (see #92 9-28-02, #102 1-11-03 from Irvine, CA) This registered nurse has been suffering from “head to toe” pain for almost 10 years. She was suicidal and wanted to give up on life. She has now had 8 treatments with Dr. Tong (for 2 months) and her improvement has been phenomenal. She has dropped her medications because they did not help her from the beginning. Her pain is much decreased and she has lost almost 30 pounds which has also helped her decrease her pain. 

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