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High Blood Pressure (Stella from Nigeria) Has suffered from high blood pressure for 10 years and has been taking medication (4 different meds per day). Four years ago, her blood pressure shot up to 200/100 and she was taken to the emergency room and given morphine to help bring her blood pressure down. Last year, she heard that her friend, who also suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes, consulted Dr. Tong and no longer has high blood pressure or high blood glucose levels (see #41 7-14-01, #48 9-8-01). So Stella decided to come to Los Angeles and see Dr. Tong. She also suffered from body pain and pain in her joints for the past 4 years, which did not allow her to walk for long distances. She also had headaches as a side effect of her blood pressure medication, blurry eyes, swollen ankles, and trouble sleeping. After consulting Dr. Tong for one month, Stella’s blood pressure has dropped from 190/90 to 125/60 and she has dropped all of her medications. Her pain has decreased dramatically and her eyes are now clearer. She is returning to Nigeria but will return occasionally for tune ups from Dr. Tong.

Stomach Pain (Cheri, see #13 12-16-00, #20 2-10-01, #43 7-28-01, #95 11-2-02, #161 7-10-04, #164 8-7-04 RS #223 6/30/07, #285 6-25-11, #359 3-29-14,#361 4-12-2014) – Cheri moved to Nevada and recently had a gallbladder surgery 5 weeks ago because of gallstones. However, after the surgery, she still had so much pain in her stomach that she couldn’t eat. She came back to see Dr. Tong yesterday and is doing much better. She can now eat without pain and will receive a few more treatments from Dr. Tong before returning to Nevada. (Cheri first came to see Dr. Tong in October of 2000 for a lipoma in her leg which was extremely painful, back pain, candida, depression, and severe fatigue. She no longer has the lipoma and her energy level has increased dramatically. She has been a new person ever since seeing Dr. Tong)

Shirley(from San Diego) Dr. Tong’s patient – she will be on next week’s show
Jim – (caller) Pain in eyes

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