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Stomach Pain, Swelling and Pain in Legs

(Cheri, see RS #13 12-16-00, RS #20 2-10-01, RS #79 5-18-02, Rs #95 11-2-02, RS #161 7-10-04, RS #164 8-7-04, RS #223 6-30-07 #285 6-25-11 #359 3-29-14 #361 4-12-2014) – Follow up interview from 2 shows.  Lipoma/tumor 9 X 7 ” on left side which is now 95% improved.  She had pain and swelling in her legs.  Previous career as manicurist which exposed her to chemicals caused numbness in her body, which is now also much improved.  She is emotionally happy.  Her eyes have also improved very much, night-blindness is gone, road rage is gone.  Generally much calmer.  Her singing range has also improved (can sing much higher).

Micobacterium Avuim Intracellulare of the Lungs

(Saundra, see RS #12 12-9-00, RS #17 1-20-01) – Diagnosed with Micobacterium Avuim Intracellulare of the lungs, a progressive debilitating lung disease.  Suffered from severe migraines which are now much less in frequency.  In May 01, her blood quit producing red blood cells and her weight dropped down to 98 pounds.  She has experienced much improvement after Dr. Tong’s treatments.  Her Hg shot up to 11 and she has gained 12 pounds.

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