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Thumb Pain, Hand Pain, Arthritis, Hives, Itching

Marilyn (see #212 8-20-05, from San Clemente, CA) is a waitress who came to Dr. Tong after suffering from severe thumb pain for one year, which was diagnosed as arthritis. She has also had hives for 7 years. Her doctors told her that she was allergic to herself and did not know what to do with her. As a result, she has been taking Zyrtec every night for the past 7 years to keep her hives away and her face from swelling. If she did not take her medication, the hives would be all over her body from her head to her toes. Her doctors wanted to prescribe anti-inflammatories for her thumb pain. She also tried physical therapy and slept in a thumb braces at night. She was referred to Dr. Tong by a friend. After the 3rd treatment, her thumb and hand pain were greatly improved. She has been receiving treatments once a week for 3 months. She is now off of her Zyrtec for the first time in 7 years for the past 14 days without hives. Her itching is also all gone!! She was also depressed when she first came to Dr. Tong and had to go on disability for 7 weeks to rest her thumbs. She could not work or even try on pants while shopping. She is no longer depressed and much happier. 

Tremors, Anxiety, Arthritis, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Sugar Cravings, Diabetes 

James (from Los Angeles County) is a retired accountant who experienced tremors and anxiety 7 years ago which forced him into an early retirement. He also suffered from arthritis, back pain, a high PSA, and diabetes. He has actually had the anxiety all his life where he would get tremors even before having to do the dishes, which got progressively worse the last 7 years and eventually debilitating. He received very little help from conventional doctors and was sent to specialists who could not help his underlying problems. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, the pain in his knees and back were much improved. His anxiety was also reduced to a certain extent. However, after his second treatment, there was a significant reduction in his anxiety and tremors. He also found it easier to diet and eat right after Dr. Tong’s treatment. His emotional and mental energy is now fantastic and improved substantially.

Weakness, Unresponsiveness, Severe Ankle Edema, Skin Cancers, Back Pain, Osteoporosis 

Mary Lou (see #201 5-14-05, #207 7-2-05, from LaVerne, CA) brought her parents to see Dr. Tong. For years she has been trying to find a medical doctor for her father. They stopped going because his medical doctors prescribed medication which only made him weaker. His health has spiraled very recently. He is extremely weak, unresponsive, and has severe ankle edema which caused his foot to swell greatly. After treatments with Dr. Tong, he has become more responsive, is showing more emotions, and his ankle edema is decreasing, where water is actually seeping out of his foot. Dr. Tong also helped Mary Lou’s mother, who has cancer on her face. After her first treatment the redness on the cancer decreased and the pus started oozing out during the treatment. Dr. Tong is also helping her with her back pain, from osteoporosis, and a blood clot in her leg. She is feeling great and her pain has decreased tremendously. Mary Lou’s parents have only received 2 treatments from Dr. Tong and they are already seeing great improvement.

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