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Neck Pain, Sweet Cravings, Minor Heart Attack – Juanita (from Wyoming) is a massage therapist and also works at a mental hospital. She has suffered from neck pain for over 2 years. She also suffered from a minor heart attack for which she is taking Standard Process Whole Food supplements for. She never went the conventional route for her problems but her neck pain has never been completely alleviated. Although she enjoys what she does, the nature of her work has caused her a lot of stress. She was referred to Dr. Tong by her sister, Jackie (see below). After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she felt calm and at peace. She was also able to hit the high notes while singing, which she has not been able to do for many years. After 2 treatments from Dr. Tong, her neck pain was 100% gone.

Sciatica, Left Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Hearing Problems, Constipation, Swollen Ankles, Heart Problems, Hypertension, Bronchitis – Jackie (see # 100 12-14-02, #107 2-22-03, #121 6-7-03, #139 11-8-03, #213 8-27-05 from Lakewood, Retired) – Jackie has been suffering from constant sciatica and low back pain for a year. She consulted 7 different natural doctors who were quite sensitive to her problem but got little relief from their treatments. By chance, her husband heard Dr. Tong on the radio and they decided to consult him. She has had 2 treatments from Dr. Tong and she is feeling 100% better. She has no more pain, constipation, and her hearing has improved. It has been over 2 years since Jackie’s last treatment from Dr. Tong, and her sciatic pain has never returned. For the past three years Dr. Tong was also treating Jackie’s uncle, Rod, who has had a heart condition for many years, was on many meds, had a number of inhalers after a diagnosis of emphysema, and had very low energy after a bout with bronchitis. He also lost his wife three years ago, which caused him to become very depressed. Since Rod’s first treatment with Dr. Tong in January, his lungs have been performing adequately. He recently had an oxygen saturation test which was 99%. He is also more alert. His ankles were very swollen, and now the swelling has gone. He was on 7 different medications and has been off all of them since his first treatment with Dr. Tong. His pain that he used to experience at night is now very rare. He used to go through 9-10 handkerchiefs per day from excess phlegm and a constant runny nose, which is now no longer a factor. Rod has been receiving about one treatment per week every three weeks. Recently, Rod got sick after receiving the flu shot, which exacerbated his emphysema, and caused him to have very low energy. After 1 treatment with Dr. Tong, he could take a deep breath once again. Today, Uncle Rod leads a very active life. At 90 years old, he goes to church every Saturday, the Elks Club every Monday, he visits the farmer’s market, watches movies every so often, and reads the paper every day!

Bypass Surgery, Breathing Problems, Leg Pain, Upper Back Pain – Imogene (from Bellflower, CA) is retired and has known Dr. Tong for over 10 years. Before receiving Dr. Tong’s treatments, she had a bypass surgery. After her bypass surgery, she was still having chest pain and breathing problems. She also suffered from leg pain and upper back pain. She recently came back to Dr. Tong for treatments. After 2 treatments, her symptoms were 70% better! Dr. Tong also treated Imogene’s daughter-in-law, Marilyn, who suffered from skin hives for the past 7 years (see #205 6-11-05). She had to take one Zyrtec every day for the past seven years or her whole body would break out in hives. After treatments from Dr. Tong, she is off of her Zyrtec for the first time in 7 years without hives. Her itching is also all gone!!

Bursitis, Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome, Weakness, Low Energy, Heavy Legs, Labored and Slurred Speech – Darlene suffers from the above symptoms. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, her shoulder bursitis is gone. Dr. Tong is now treating her for Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome. Her legs are not as heavy, she has more energy, her speech has improved, and she feels stronger!

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