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Chronic Shoulder Pain, Chronic Renal Failure, Diabetes, Hepatits C

Gary (see #138 11-1-03, from Sherman Oaks) For ten years, Gary went to many doctors, including holistic, western, and acupuncturists. He spent a lot of time and money trying to heal himself, but would only get worse. His doctors recommended dialysis, which he refused. He has had 12 surgeries in the past for pain in his shoulder and chronic renal failure for 10 years. He was also diagnosed with Hepatits C, Diabetes Mellitus, and high creatinine. Six treatments with Dr. Tong have greatly improved his condition.

Headache, Nocturia, Hearing Problems

Claude (see #136 8-9-03, from Redlands, CA) Claude has suffered from severe headaches for the past 8 months. He tried Tylenol with Codeine and Aspirin to no avail. He also had to get up to go to the bathroom 4-5 times per night. After treatments with Dr. Tong, his headaches are virtually gone, he gets up maybe once to urinate at night, and he does not need his hearing aid to watch TV anymore.

Chronic Rib Pain

Bridgette (from Rancho Cucamonga) This registered nurse went to many physicians for a chronic pain in her rib cage for 7 years. Her attacks would be so severe that she would almost pass out from the pain. She was diagnosed with costochondritis, gastric reflux but they could not treat the pain. She became very anxious and depressed. Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants did nothing to relieve her pain. After her 3rd treatment with Dr. Tong, she noticed a significant decrease of pain in her ribs, lower back, and right hip.

Shoulder Pain

Matthew (Bridgette’s husband) – Dr. Tong’s treatment alleviated some of Matthew’s shoulder pain. 

Low Back Pain, Left Hip Pain, Sciatic Pain, Numbness, Constipation, Hearing Problems, Ankle Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Swollen Ankles, Heart Problems, Hypertension, Bronchitis

Jim (see #100 12-14-02, #107 2-22-03, #121 6-7-03 #150 3-6-04 #181 12-11-04, #212 8-20-05, #213 8-27-05 from Lakewood, CA) His wife had sciatica for 9 months and had to crawl to go to the bathroom. They heard Dr. Tong’s radio show and decided to start his treatments. Three treatments with Dr. Tong in January of 2003 eradicated her sciatic pain. Dr. Tong was also treating Jim and Jackie’s uncle, Rod, who has had a heart condition for many years, was on many meds, had a number of inhalers after a diagnosis of emphysema, and had very low energy after a bout with bronchitis. Since Rod’s first treatment with Dr. Tong in January, his lungs have been performing adequately. He recently had an oxygen saturation test which was 99%. He is also more alert. His ankles were very swollen, and now the swelling has gone. He was on 7 different medications and now he is off all of them. His pain that he used to experience at night is now very rare. He used to go through 9-10 handkerchiefs per day from excess phlegm and a constant runny nose, which is now no longer a factor. Rod has been receiving about one treatment per week every three weeks. Recently, Rod got sick after receiving the flu shot, which exacerbated his emphysema, and caused him to have very low energy. After 1 treatment with Dr. Tong, he could take a deep breath once again.

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