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Neck Pain, Back Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration, Forgetfulness, Low Libido, High cholesterol, Low Immune System, Chest Pain, Sinus problems, Dizziness, Headache, Post-menopausal symptoms, Chiropractor Visits.

Terri (see # 112 4-5-03, from Laguna Hills) Terri works in a manufacturing department on the UCI campus and has suffered from neck and back pain for over 30 years. She went to conventional doctors, physical therapists, was prescribed medication, and before seeing Dr. Tong, went regularly (twice weekly) for chiropractic treatments for her pain. After her very first treatment with Dr. Tong, she had no pain. She has now had 4 treatments with Dr. Tong. Her mental clarity is better, she is not anxious or depressed, and most of her symptoms are virtually gone. 

Low Back Pain, Left Hip Pain, Sciatic Pain, Numbness, Constipation, Hearing Problems, Ankle Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Swollen Ankles, Heart Problems, Prostate Problems, Bronchitis

Jackie (see #100 12-14-02, #121 6-7-03, #139 11-8-03, #150 3-6-04, #181 12-11-04, #212 8-20-05, #213 8-27-05 from Lakewood, CA) – Jackie and her husband are in the residential care business and take care of their 80 year old uncle. Jackie suffered from low back and sciatic pain for over a year as well as numbness in her right leg. After her first treatment, she walked out of the office with no pain. She has now had 3 treatments from Dr. Tong and has no constipation, no ankle problems, and her sciatic pain is gone. Jackie then brought her uncle, Rod, to see Dr. Tong. He has a very serious hearing problem, terrible neck and shoulder pain, as well as very swollen ankles. He was on three different medications, had heart surgery, prostate problems, was on a pacemaker, and used to golf until a year ago. He did not have energy anymore, his hands were swollen, and he couldn’t get around the gold course. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, the swelling in ankles are greatly reduced and his neck pain is now gone. Now he can close his hands, which he couldn’t do before, he has less nasal drip and wakes up more rested and alert in the morning. His walking is also better after treatments. He also notices a slight improvement in his hearing. Jackie and her husband do not have to yell at him when they talk to him. His breathing is also much better after a bout with bronchitis.

Kidney/Renal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Painful Swollen Scrotum, Ascites, Dysuria, Breathing Problems

Rod (see #105 2-1-03, from Fontana, CA) Rod came to Dr. Tong 5 weeks ago with extreme bloating and swelling from his chest down to his feet. He had problems breathing from the bloating, he could not urinate and he had no appetite. The hospice doctors told him they could do nothing for his bloating and had no medication or treatment for him. They told him it was part of the disease. He figured he just had to live with it. His son found out about Dr. Tong and he had an emergency treatment. After the first treatment his swelling went down 70%, he could urinate and had no trouble breathing. Dr. Tong also relieved Rod’s swelling in his testicle (which was the size of a cantaloupe). Rod had kidney cancer in the past and only has half of one kidney left after a complete and partial nephrectomy. He has been progressively improving with Dr. Tong. However, his Kaiser insurance is denying his request to see Dr. Tong on the basis that they do not refer to outside doctors working with experimental drugs without even confirming Dr. Tong’s main approach of treatment. Dr. Tong then explains the fallacy of dialysis.

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