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Right Knee Pain, Right and Left Foot Pain, Right Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Calf Pain, Constipation

Walter (from Palm Beach, Florida. YT Part 1, YT Part 2 ) is an 85 year old training for the World’s Masters. He has won 46 senior Olympic gold medals. When he was 72 years old, he ran the 100yd dash in 11.8 seconds. For the past few years, he has had pain in his right knee for which his doctor recommended right knee replacement. As he already had his left knee replaced, he was seeking an alternative therapy. He has also experienced bilateral feet pain. However, all workup has been negative. Walter also injured his right shoulder and neck. Imaging studies showed tissue inflammation and distress in his cervical vertebrae. He has also suffered from constipation for the past few years. He decided to try Dr. Tong’s treatments. After his first treatment, he has had regular bowel movements ever since. Dr. Tong has also been working on strengthening his heart and kidneys. After 3 treatments, all of his pain has been tremendously improved. He is now looking for sponsors to pay him $2 million to throw a football 50 yards.

Dr. Limansky (caller from Glendora) – Feng Shui – (see # 138 11-1-03, #170 9-25-04 #178 11/20/04 RS #220 6/9/07 RS #357 3/15/14 ) Dr. Limansky shares his story on how Feng Shui helped him with a malpractice case.

Neuropathy of the Feet, Left ankle pain, Numbness of hands, Asthma

Will (from Cypress, CA) is an 85 year old who suffered from pain in both his feet from many years. He was diagnosed with neuropathy in both feet. It was so painful that even touching his feet would send him through the roof with pain. He also sprained his left ankle during a basketball gain during WWII, which is still painful for him. Fourteen years ago, Will experienced an asthma attack which developed into a persistent cough. He could not breathe and found that the only way he could get air into his lungs was by lying over a large pillow on the floor. He was then taken to the ER where he was treated with a Nebulizer and Albuterol. In the first year after his ER visit, he was back in the hospital twice. Since then he has been on 5 different medications for his asthma, including prednisone and Theophylline. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, he no longer had ankle pain. After his 2nd treatment, the neuropathy in his feet and hands was greatly improved. He is also now off all asthma medication and can breathe normally without any attacks.

Mary (caller) – Arthritis, using Motrin 800mg

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