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Left Leg Pain

John (from Southern California) This retired 60 yr old had complaints of left leg pain 3 months ago. The pain was all down the left side of his body. His regular doctor diagnosed him with arthritis. He tried 2 chiropractic treatments, but without much relief. After 4 treatments with Dr. Tong, once a week, his leg has significantly improved (70-80% improvement after 2nd treatment).

Lumbosacral Strain

Raymond (see #170 9-25-04, #178 11-20-04 #196 4-9-05, #220 6-9-07, #357 3-15-14 from Glendora) This OB-Gyn strained his back after trying to lift 300 pounds at the gym. His pain would come and go, but was a nuisance to him. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, his back pain is gone and he is emotionally more in tune.

Multiple Sclerosis, Infertility, Thyroid Problems

Laura (see #125 7-5-03, #129 8-2-03, from Riverside CA) Laura had many problems with balance before seeing Dr. Tong. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After treatments with Dr. Tong, she is now playing softball. Laura also had problems getting pregnant. After the birth of her son 6 years ago, her doctors told her that she would never get pregnant again, partly because of a thyroid imbalance. Laura is now pregnant again after treatments with Dr. Tong. In addition, this pregnancy has been much healthier and smoother than her previous one. She is also now off her Armor Thyroid and her thyroid tests are normal.

Chronic Shoulder Pain, Chronic Renal Failure

Gary (see #139 11/8/03, from Sherman Oaks) This 68 year old retired man had 12 operations as well as chronic renal failure. After 6 treatments with Dr. Tong, his shoulder pain is nonexistent.

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