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Depression, Arthritis (Shoulder, Back, Neck), Sinus Infection, Insomnia, Low Energy

Ellen (see #189 2-12-05) suffered from depression for the past 5 years. Everything was an effort for her. She would start crying for no reason and wanted to sleep all the time. Her quality of life was deteriorating. Her doctors prescribed Paxil, which help very little. She still felt sad and still had no energy. Ellen also suffered from shoulder, back, and neck pain for the past 20 years, where she had pain every day. Vioxx gave her temporary pain relief. She was referred to Dr. Tong by her friend Laura (see #125 7-5-03, #129 8-2-03 #138 11-01-03) After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, she is truly happy now, without depression and she has no pain. The sinus infections that she was suffering from also were relieved.

Lumbosacral Strain, Sugar Cravings, Fatigue, Depression

Raymond (see #138 11-1-03, #178 11-20-04 #196 4-9-05 #220 6/9/07, #357 3/15/14 from Glendora) This OB-Gyn strained his back after trying to lift 300 pounds at the gym. His pain would come and go, but was a nuisance to him. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, his back pain is gone and he is emotionally more in tune. Raymond returned for a tune-up treatment. He had problems with sugar cravings and depression. After one treatment, he has more energy than ever, he craves less sweets and he is less depressed.

Louise (caller) – Cellulitis

Patsy (caller) – Esophageal Cancer

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