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Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain (bilateral neck pain, low back pain, muscle spasm), Chronic Fatigue

Martin (see #82 7-20-02, #102 1-11-03 YT  from West Virginia) has returned to CA for treatments from Dr. Tong since he last came in January 2003. Martin has been suffering from 20 years of anxiety and depression. Four and a half years ago, he was in an auto accident with severe whiplash. He could not sit for long or lay down. Up till July of 2002, he was on disability for 2 years. He underwent physical therapy and alternating ice/heat. His pain got progressively worse where he had to go to teach with ice packs in his pants. He consulted chiropractors, 4 different pain clinics, and was prescribed drugs. He began with small doses, built tolerance and had to increase his dosage. When those drugs did not work, he had to combine this with other drugs. He felt that his body was becoming mummy-like with spasms, and he was mentally suicidal from the severe chronic pain.

Before seeing Dr. Tong, he was on 260mg of morphine per day. He has been able to cut his medication in half (medication for pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms). He now has hope for his condition, whereas in the past, he felt that there was nothing the doctors could do for him. It has been 8 months since Martin last saw Dr. Tong. He was still on 160 mg of Morphine at the time. Now after treatments with Dr. Tong, he is down to 45mg of Morphine/day. He now has hope and peace of mind.

Back Pain – Vera (caller from Yukipa, CA)

Multiple Sclerosis, Low Back Pain, Bilateral Knee Pain, Leg Weakness, Frequent Falls, Headaches, Neck Stiffness, Disturbed Sleep, Pain from Lumbar Puncture

Laura (see #125 7-5-03, #138 11-1-03 from Riverside, CA) is a skilled athlete and has played softball, soccer, volleyball, and golf for many years. However, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 6 months ago after suffering from frequent falls. Her legs would become numb and she would have no control over them. She also suffered from tremoring and shaking hands. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong 2 weeks ago, she has not fallen once. She has now had 3 treatments with Dr. Tong and her legs continue to become stronger and her hand is steady. In the past, Laura would only sleep 3-4 hours through the night. Since Dr. Tong’s treatments, she can sleep completely through the night. Because Laura has been on disability, doctors have been trying to pin down a diagnosis for her pain. She subsequently underwent a lumbar puncture, which left her in excruciating pain. She could not even walk. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, she is able to walk without pain again.

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