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Patient from West Virginia has had neck pain that extends down the back. He has suffered from this condition for the past few years from a car accident in 1998. The pain is exacerbated when he sits too long and is more intense during nighttime and he is unable to sleep due to the pain. Patient gets tingling sensations in his hands and feet. Patient has a history of anxiety and depression for the past twenty years. Prior to the accident, he has had a burning sensation in his feet.  After his injury, the patient has had swelling and pain in his feet. He has had headaches for a period of time. After receiving NBE treatments, he feels much relief physically and mentally. He states that his neck muscles are not as tight and his back pain is much reduced. He also has less muscle spasms in his hips and shoulders. His foot pain is less and he is able to keep his shoes on longer. (RS #82 7/20/02 #102 1/11/03 #129 8/2/03)

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