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Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Hernia, Diarrhea

Becky (see #131 8-16-03 from West Virginia) – Becky has been a teacher for 25 years. Her family came from West Virginia to consult Dr. Tong. She has had indigestion and acid reflux for over 10 years (the reflux has gotten progressively worse for the last 4 years). She also suffers from sciatic nerve pain (2 years) where she consulted a chiropractor, who ended up irritating the nerve. Two years ago, she had a hernia, but thought it was a heart attack. She describes her reflux as volcanic because she chokes so violently at night that she had to sleep vertically with 9 pillows in the past to prevent the reflux. Becky also suffers from severe diarrhea, where she would go numerous times a day for the past 2 years. She has now had 3 treatments with Dr. Tong. Last night, she used only 2 pillows to sleep. She can now lie on her back and her side without the acid reflux. Her sciatic pain is gone to the point where she can walk around Disneyland for 8 hours. For the past 4 days, she has had no diarrhea, but normal bowels after eating pizza at the park. She feels like a new person. Dr. Tong also treated Becky’s 11 year old son, Bryan, who had a severe sore throat. One treatment from Dr. Tong eradicated Bryan’s sore throat.

Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain

(Martin, Becky’s husband from West Virginia see #102 1-11-03, #129 8-2-03 YT ) – The main reason Becky and her family came to see Dr. Tong was to treat her husband, Martin, who is also a school teacher. Martin has been suffering from 20 years of anxiety and depression. Four and a half years ago, he was in an auto accident with severe whiplash. He underwent physical therapy and alternating ice/heat. His pain got progressively worse where he had to go to teach with ice packs in his pants. He consulted chiropractors, 4 different pain clinics, and was prescribed drugs. He began with small doses, built tolerance and had to increase his dosage. When those drugs did not work, he had to combine this with other drugs. He felt that his body was becoming mummy-like with spasms, and he was mentally suicidal from the severe chronic pain. Before seeing Dr. Tong, he was on 260mg of morphine per day. This week, Martin has had 4 treatments. He has been able to cut his medication in half (medication for pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms). He now has hope for his condition, whereas in the past, he felt that there was nothing the doctors could do for him. He plans to come back periodically to California to receive treatments from Dr. Tong.

PMS, Chronic Pain, Depression, Endometriosis

 (Kathy, see #80 5-25-02, from Costa Mesa, CA) Kathy has suffered from severe female problems including PMS, chronic pain before periods, and depression for the last 33 years. She was diagnosed with endometriosis. None of the doctors she consulted could help her. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, her first period was 50% better. After her 3rd period, she had no pain. Because of this severe pain, Kathy was also mentally depressed and had no energy to spend time with her family. She is now thinking more clearly and spending more time with her husband and daughter. Now she is very happy and truly living her life, rather than merely existing.

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