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Depression, Arthritis (Shoulder, Back, Neck), Sinus Infection, Insomnia, Low Energy, Vertigo  

Ellen (see #170 9-25-04, from Whittier, CA) suffered from depression for the past 5 years. Everything was an effort for her. She would start crying for no reason and wanted to sleep all the time. Her quality of life was deteriorating. Her doctors prescribed Paxil, which help very little. She still felt sad and still had no energy. Ellen also suffered from shoulder, back, and neck pain for the past 20 years, where she had pain every day. Vioxx gave her temporary pain relief. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she felt so much better. After the 2nd treatment, she discontinued her Paxil and arthritis medication and has not needed them ever since. All of her symptoms, including her pain and sinus infections have been much improved after Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Chronic Bronchitis, Shoulder Pain, Neck pain, Back Pain

James (Ellen’s husband) suffered from chronic bronchitis for the past 5 years. His doctors gave him inhalers and antibiotics which gave him temporary relief. However, his bronchitis would recur. After the first treatment with Dr. Tong, his bronchitis was irradicated without the use of any inhalers or antibiotics. He also no longer had any shoulder or neck pain. After his 2nd treatment, he had no back pain.

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