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Sciatic Pain, Leg Pain, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Weight Loss

Mike (see #187 1-29-05, #197 4-16-05, #198 4-23-05, #208 7-23-05 #225 7-14-07, RS 259 8-8-09 #359 3/29/14 from Anaheim Hills, CA) suffered from sciatic pain for the last 9 months. He has been going to the chiropractor for 7 months without much relief. He also tried Naprosen for 2 days without much relief. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, his right sciatic pain was 95% improved and has not bothered him since. Dr. Tong has also improved his left sciatic pain. He has also been diagnosed with hypertension almost 40 years ago and hypothyroidism. He has been on 2 medications for these conditions for quite some time. Dr. Tong urged him to discontinue his medication after treatments. After his 2nd treatment he cut them in half and his blood pressure was 135/72. After his 3rd treatment, he cut all his medication altogether. His blood pressure was within normal limits and he has more energy than ever. Another beneficial side effect of the treatment is that he has now lost 23 pounds on Dr. Tong’s recommended diet.

Back Pain, Thigh Pain, Knee Pain, Flu Symptoms

Tom first came to see Dr. Tong 4 years ago and was hardly able to walk because of severe back pain. After his first treatment, he walked out of the office and 2 days later his pain was 100% gone. He recently received his flu shot and subsequently got the flu. He returned to Dr. Tong for treatments of the flu as well as thigh and knee pain, which has greatly improved.

Dave (caller from LA) – Broken Clavicle

Susan (caller from Van Nuys) – Cardiac Arrhythmia, Tachychardia

Chest Pain (sternum, clavicle, neck, cervical pain), Shortness of Breath, Left Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Type 2 Diabetes, TMJ, Stress, Fatigue 

Karen (see #155 5-15-04, #158 6-19-04 #165 8-14-04, #221 6-16-07, #291 12-31-11 YT Video Part 1 YT Video Part 2 from Dana Point, CA) is a 58 year old former restaurant owner who has suffered from constant chest pain which started out as a major neck pain a year ago. She then started having back spasms, left shoulder pain, and arm pain. For the past few months she has been having severe chest pain. She went to numerous Western doctors and had every test imaginable and was put on pain meds from Vicodin to Ultram (an opiate). She felt like the insides of her chest walls were tearing” and she started getting shortness of breath The pain was so bad that she went to the hospital in January of 2004 because she thought she was having a heart attack. The hospital found nothing wrong with her and sent her home with more pain medication. Karen also became insulin resistant from stress and developed Type 2 Diabetes. She was so fatigued that she could not vacuum her house or walk her dog. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, she felt like a completely different person. Her chest pain subsided considerably and she also felt emotionally more stable. Her blood sugar has stabilized and she has discontinued her diabetic medication. She even had enough energy to vacuum her house and walk her dog for the first time in months. She has decided to continue treatments with Dr. Tong. It has been 5 months since Karen’s last treatment with Dr. Tong and she continues to have energy and very little chest pain. She has energy to get her work done and emotionally very happy.

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