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Low Back Pain, Right Knee Pain, Thrombocytopenia, Left Sided Weakness from Stroke, Depression, Cataracts

 Judie (see #163 7-31-04, from Escondido, Ca) This 61 year old Caucasian female had a stroke 5 years ago which caused her to have left sided weakness, numbness, and pain ever since. She also complained of low back pain and right knee pain. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with a low platelet count. She had a bone marrow biopsy, spleen scan, and blood work done, which all came back negative. She went to the Mayo Clinic where doctors wanted to take out part of her spleen. All of the above caused Judie to become extremely depressed to the point where she could not get out of bed. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, she has no more pain. She does not need to drink wine and take a SOMA in the afternoon anymore. She is also able to wear her shoes on her left foot now without taping them to her foot. The strength is gradually coming back to her left side. Most importantly, she is no longer depressed. Judie’s platelets are now slowly coming up from 42,000 to 59,000. Her eyesight is also improving – she can see without her glasses now!

Chest Pain (sternum, clavicle, neck, cervical pain), Shortness of Breath, Left Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Type 2 Diabetes, TMJ, Stress, Fatigue

Karen (see #155 5-15-04 #158 6-19-04,#194 3-19-05, #221 6-16-07, #291 12-31-11 YT Video Part 1, YT Video Part 2 from Dana Point, CA) has come back to us after 2 months free of chest pain. She previously had 5 treatments for her costochondritis and was feeling so good that she overdid it. After one treatment, she had no chest pain, the pain between her shoulder blades has decreased, and she could take deep breaths again. She is feeling like a new person again!

Dick – caller from Fountain Valley – Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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