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Lower Back Pain, Obstructive Cysts of Bladder Neck, Hypertension, Chronic Sinusitis, Gout

Locksley (see #145 1-31-04, #155 5-15-04, #157 6-12-04 from San Luis Obispo) This Cal Poly Administrator and faculty life coach suffered from the above mentioned problems. He went through the allopathic route, which led him only to medication. He found Dr. Tong on the internet and decided to try his treatments. After 2 treatments from Dr. Tong, the stiffness in his lower back was gone and his sinuses were cleared. His right shoulder has increased range of motion and his saliva ph is slowly increasing. His blood pressure has also stabilized without medications at 129/91.

Severe Auto Accident, Laminectomy, Stroke

David (see #140 11-15-03, from Costa Mesa, CA) He has now been completely off his 25 mg of Dilaudid for 3 weeks now. Still on a small dose of Vicodin, but he is feeling much better. He is currently using the Master’s Miracle Neutralizer which is bringing the pH in his urine up.

Johnny (caller from Mississippi) – Questions about Blepharoplasty

Left Hip and Thigh Pain

Geri (see #226 7-21-07, #263 10/3/09#360 4-5-2014YT from Cerritos) – This pre-school teacher suffered from hip and thigh pain. She has had 3 treatments from Dr. Tong and her pain has greatly improved. She also tried the Master’s Miracle Gel which has relieved itching in her right ear and foot. It has also cleared mucus in her throat and allergies.

Olga (see #2 9/16/00, #131 8/16/03, #186 1/22/05, PI 3/9/00caller) – Fusion of C5-C6, bone replaced 12 years ago, left arm stiffness, swelling finger

Cindy (caller from San Diego)

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