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Knee Pain, Low Back Pain, Genital Bumps

Gene (from Northridge, CA) This mortgage banker has been a patient of Dr. Tong’s for 2 years. He first came for a knee problem where an MRI showed deteriorating cartilage. His physician recommended surgery. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, he had no knee pain ever since without surgery. Recently, Gene has experienced a lot of stress and has not been following Dr. Tong’s recommended diet. He noticed some bumps on his genitals. He returned for treatment, and after 2 treatments, the bumps disappeared. 

Foot Pain, Stiff Joints, Heart Palpitations, Post-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, insomnia, generalized body pain), Anxiety, Weight Loss

Olga (see #2 9/16/00, #131 8/16/03, #141 11/22/03,  PI 3/9/00, from Southern California) works with children and has been suffering from right foot pain for the past few months. There is a burning sensation and pain within 5 minutes of walking. She also suffered from heart palpitations as well as post-menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, and pain in her body. After 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, she can walk an hour without pain. She is now sleeping through the night without any palpitations or anxiety. She will have only 2-4 mild hot flashes per day. She has also lost one dress size since her treatments with Dr. Tong from being able to walk without pain.

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