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Bridget suffered from 18 years of crippling pain from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. She had been treated with anti-inflammatories and other arthritic drugs, including chemotherapy. Extensive trials with different alternative therapies were given by Dr. Kaslow, a professor from UC Irvine, who finally referred her to us. Her first NBE treatment dramatically relieved her pain, enabling her to walk normally without any discomfort. It also got rid of her cold intolerance, depression, tendency to bruise, and greatly increased her energy.

Tammy (from Pioneertown) (see RS # 7 10-28-00, RS #17 1-20-01) – Tammy has had an extremely stressful and abusive past, causing severe depression and suicidal tendencies. She attempted to commit suicide several times, once being eight years ago by overdosing herself with drugs and stabbing herself, which required major surgery to repair damaged arteries. She took excessive drugs nine months ago in another attempt to commit suicide and since then has been bedridden, non-functional, crying and screaming in bed, unable even to talk to her family. One treatment eliminated 95% of her depression, anxiety, and psychotic symptoms as well as dramatically improved her energy. She stated that she felt a “rush of joy” in her heart. Her back pain was also alleviated.

Bob suffered from recurrent debilitating knee pain, in spite of knee surgery, and a painful shoulder for which surgery was also recommended. A motorcycle accident resulted in a rib fracture and severe back pain. He also has cardio-arrhythmia due to bundle branch block. All of his pain was cured easily with NBE treatment. His eyesight was also serendipitously restored along with his arrhythmia.

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