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Auto Accident, Severe Back Pain, Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke), Narcotic addiction

David (see #141 11-22-03, from Costa Mesa, CA) This Landscaper was involved in an auto accident in December of 2001. Two months later, he suffered a stroke, which delayed the recommended laminectomy for his back where his discs were fused. Post-op, David was still in tremendous pain, and his pain specialists had him on up to 13 different medications at one time, including Dilaudid – a synthetic analog of heroine. He tried to ween himself off the medications to the point where he became comatose on one occasion. One day he drove by Dr. Tong’s building, when he was almost out of medication and decided to try his treatment. He has had one treatment now, and along with the Chinese herbs, he is feeling much better! In addition, he has no withdrawal symptoms and the Miracle Gel is helping to relieve the soreness in his legs.

Constipation, Abdominal Pain, Depression

Jenny (see #75 4-13-02 # 94 10-12-02, #115 4-26-03, #124 6-28-03), 15 year old daughter of Kandra (see Show #74 4-6-02)) who suffered from severe constipation, abdominal pain, and depression due to stress in her life. She switched from public to private school and her parents were going through a divorce, which caused her symptoms to worsen. She was so depressed that she wanted to kill herself. She had no motivation to do anything, no energy, and could not even get off the couch. She consulted psychiatric therapy which did not help at all. She was also suffering from insomnia for which she took tranquilizers. Her mother took her to CHOC and consulted a gastroenterologist who declared that it was her fault she was sick because of her stress. He gave her a laxative for her constipation, which gave her diarrhea for a day, but did not resolve her constipation. She went to one psychiatric consult, and was told that she needed to take anti-depressants, which her parents refused. Nothing was helping her and she was getting more and more depressed. Fear of needles kept her from seeing Dr. Tong. However, her mother convinced her to try his treatments. She has been seeing Dr. Tong for 2 months now and she has seen much improvement. Her whole outlook in life has improved and she is no longer depressed. 

Sinusitis, Stress, Generalized Pain, Lack of Focus

Odine (from Costa Mesa, CA) This law student was suffering from severe stress after starting law school in Jan 2003. Exercising did not help her stress and medications did not help her sinus problems. She decided to consult Dr. Tong on the recommendation of her father Raymond (see #138 11-1-03). After one treatment she was extremely sore and went home to take a nap. When she woke up, she felt like a completely new person. Her sinuses cleared, she had no pain, she could focus, her skin was clearer, and her hair was shinier. She was also emotionally more balanced.

Melody – caller – Fibromyalgia

John – caller from San Diego – Sinus polyps

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