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Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Muscle Spasms, Leg Cramps

James (see #4 9-30-00, #85 8-10-02#115 4-26-03  #132 8-23-03 #328 3-23-13  YT from Salt Lake City, Utah) This self-employed business man was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 7 years ago. He consulted the normal channels of medicine and received x-rays, went through a barrage of tests, CT scans. The doctors only gave him medication which did not help. After 2-3 treatments with Dr. Tong, he had remarkable improvement and has been well ever since. Dr. Tong’s treatment also helped him with his knee, thigh, and ankle problems. Dr. Tong also helped James’ 15 year old son Kevin (see #85 8-10-02, #115 4-26-03, #132 8-23-03 #328 3-23-13 #329 4-20-13), a cross country runner with severe muscle spasms and cramping in his legs. Kevin is small for his size and was considered a late-bloomer. James took him to the University of Utah’s Primary Children’s hospital, but to no avail. After a few treatments with Dr. Tong, Kevin has been able to run again without pain or cramping. He went to a national meet in North Carolina and placed 9th place out of 450 runners whereas before Dr. Tong’s treatments, he could not even work out.

Torn Lateral Meniscus, Athlete’s Foot, Ulceration of Skin, Flat Feet, Sexual Dysfunction

Jerry (from Inland Empire) Jerry is a runner who was diagnosed with a torn lateral meniscus of his knee by Kaiser, Inland Valley Medical Center, and UCLA. He was referred to Dr. Tong by his co-worker Bob (see #2 9-16-00) who had wonderful results with Dr. Tong. He was scheduled for surgery in August of 2002 but decided to see Dr. Tong first in May 2002. After his first 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, he got some relief and continued to improve until July. However, he went on vacation and overdid it by eating the wrong foods and subsequently relapsed. He went back to see Dr. Tong and improved once again. He is scheduled to run in Beijing and is the only man to have carried the Olympic torch twice. Jerry also suffered from athlete’s foot, ulcers in his feet, and flat feet. He tried foot creams, corn removers, prosthetics, all to no avail. After 2 treatments, his foot problems all cleared up without the use of creams or prosthetics. Jerry also asked Dr. Tong about Viagra to improve his sexual dysfunction. Instead, Dr. Tong treated Jerry, and now his sexual performance has improved.

Depression, Colitis

Jenny (see #75 4-13-02, #115 4-26-03, #124 6-28-03, #140 11-15-03 from Rancho Santa Margarita) This 14 year old girl went to a psychiatrist for her depression. They did not do anything to help her condition. Afterwards, her mother decided to take her to see Dr. Tong. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she had immediate improvement and has not been depressed ever since. In fact, Jenny now looks forward to treatments with Dr. Tong. Dr Tong also helped Jenny’s 17 year old brother a few years ago with recurrent bronchitis. He now rarely gets sick.

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