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High Blood Pressure, Skin Rash, Diverticulitis, Stress

Barbara lives in Orange County. After having a hysterectomy 17 years ago, she started experiencing skin rashes and high blood pressure and also suffers from Diverticulitis. She had seen multiple physicians for her worsening skin rashes with minimal successful treatment. Barbara also tried natural home remedies that seemed to help her skin more than prescriptions. Additionally she suffered from stress incontinence. After hearing Dr Tong on the radio, she decided to get treated.  Her symptoms have improved 80% over the course of her treatments.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

James (RS #4 9/30/00 #85 8/10/02 #94 10/12/02 #115 4/26/03 #132 8/23/03 YT Video) is from Utah ad has been a patient for 20 years. He has been living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After his first treatment, his symptoms started decreasing and his bowels started moving immediately. He also brought his son, Kevin and daughter Ashley in to see Dr Tong for leg pains from running and Kevin’s delayed growth. Kevin’s coaches were amazed at his improvement, as he grew 3-4 inches in 12 months with only 4 treatments.  Both Kevin and Ashley received treatment for leg pain from running and have noticed drastic improvements and are continuing to compete in marathons. (see RS #85 8/10/02 RS #94 10/12/02, #115 4/26/03, #132 8/23/03 #329 4/20/13)



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