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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

(James, see #4 9-30-00, #94 10-5-02, RS #115 4/26/03 #132 8-23-03  #328 3/23/13 YT from Salt Lake City, Utah) – James is a self-employed promoter of nutritional products. He has always lived with digestive problems and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome 10 years ago. Sometimes, he would go 2 weeks without a bowel movement. He went to M.D.’s and had x-rays to check his stomach and colon. There was nothing the doctors could do besides prescribe medication, which he opted not to take. Seven years ago, he was on vacation in California and saw Dr. Tong on a talk show. He decided to try Dr. Tong’s treatment, and after his first treatment with Dr. Tong, he had a bowel movement, without the use of laxatives. He then continued to have treatments with Dr. Tong for 2 weeks. When he returned to Utah to his massage therapist, she was amazed at James improvement. All the knots that he had previously were gone. In addition, she uses an FDA regulated machine from Germany which checks the acupuncture points as well as protein and electrolyte content in the body. His results were dramatically improved after the treatments with Dr. Tong. For the first 6 months, he would go to see Dr. Tong once a month and gradually decreased the amount of treatments to once a year. His health has been consistently better ever since. He feels better, watches what he eats, and his stress has decreased considerably. His stomach area used to be hard as a rock, but now it is soft and normal.

Leg Pain and Spasms

(Kevin, James’ from above 15 year old son see #94 10-12-02, #115 4-26-03, #132 8-23-03 #328 3-23-13 #329 4/20/13) – This cross country and track runner runs with a 6 time National Running Team in his high school. Six months ago, he began experiencing leg pains and spasms. It became very difficult for Kevin to run. He would immediately experience his leg pains as soon as he started running. He was running his worst he had in a long time. James took him to see doctors in the primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake City. They told them that they would have to run many blood tests to figure out what the problem was but also said that there was little they could do to help his situation. The next day, James decided to take his son to California to see Dr. Tong. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, Kevin attended a cross country camp. He finished in the top ten and won awards at camp. He also competed in “The Real Thing,” a 4 mile up-hill race at high altitudes. Kevin beat his own time by 6 minutes. He has more energy now and his legs feel stronger than ever. He states that he feels “awesome.” Dr. Tong attributes Kevin’s problem to a weak spleen, since the spleen governs the muscles. Consuming too much sugar in the diet affects the spleen and blocks circulation to the spleen causing muscle weakness and leg pains.

Frank – Question for Dr. Tong – What causes phlegm in the lung? Dr. Tong says again, phlegm is caused by a weak spleen from stress (worrying too much), diet (too much sugar), and toxins in our environment. Frank is also a patient of Dr. Tong’s. Seven years ago in South Africa, Frank injured his back lifting weights. He consulted doctors in Europe – France, Spain, and Africa. They all prescribed muscle relaxers, but to no avail. He then came to the United States and saw 5 doctors who also prescribed medication. Frank was then referred by his friend to see Dr. Tong. He has had 2 treatments with Dr. Tong and feels that his back pain has improved by 60-70%.

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