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Low Back Pain

Michael (RS #344 9/28/13, YT A, YT B) is a dentist that lives in Ohio. Michael got in a severe car accident that injured his low back and decided to visit Dr Tong after trying to live with the pain for 5-6 months. He suffered from extreme pain every morning. With just one treatment he was able to return to Ohio on a plane without experiencing any pain. He is continuing to improve and is noticing a substantial decrease in pain.

Severe Leg Pain

Kevin (RS #85 8/10/02 RS #94 10/12/02, #115 4/26/03, #132 8/23/03, #328 3/23/13)in an athlete that lives in Utah. He is an avid runner that started experiencing severe pain while he was running and minor pain while he was walking to the point that he couldn’t go further than half a mile.  He came to visit Dr Tong and after just a few treatments, Kevin was able to continue running. He is now an all star athlete in the state of Utah, a National All American Champion and got a 4 year scholarship to the Southern Utah University. He now has a successful career as a marathon runner thanks to Dr Tong’s treatments.


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