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Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Muscle Spasms, Leg Cramps, Growth Spurt, Weight Gain

 James (see #4 9-30-00, #85 8-10-02, #94 10-12-02, #132 8-23-03 #328 3-23-13 YT from Salt Lake City, Utah) This self-employed business man was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 7 years ago. He consulted the normal channels of medicine and received x-rays, went through a barrage of tests, CT scans. The doctors only gave him medication which did not help. After 2-3 treatments with Dr. Tong, he had remarkable improvement and has been well ever since. Dr. Tong’s treatment also helped him with his knee, thigh, and ankle problems. 

Dr. Tong also helped James’ 15 year old son Kevin (see #85 8-10-02, #94 10-12-02, #132 8-23-03 #328 3-23-13 #329 4-20-13), a cross country runner with severe muscle spasms and cramping in his legs. Kevin is small for his size and was considered a late-bloomer. James took him to the University of Utah’s Primary Children’s hospital, but to no avail. They ran a multitude of tests but had no idea what was wrong with him After a few treatments with Dr. Tong, Kevin has been able to run again without pain or cramping. He went to a national meet in North Carolina and placed 9th place out of 450 runners whereas before Dr. Tong’s treatments, he could not even work out. This year (2003) Kevin’s running team won the national championship and he placed 10th. When he first came to see Dr. Tong, he was 5′ 3″. Since seeing Dr. tong, he has grown 2 1/2 inches! This has also helped his running. He has more strength and he feels incredible. Yesterday, he ran one mile in 4 minutes and 46 seconds.

Syringomyelia – Main – caller from Pennsylvania 

Pulled Ligament, Prolotherapy, Eczema– Jim – from Torrance 

Low Back Pain, Pain Killers (Naprosin), Depression

 Jim has suffered from lower back pain for the past 15 years from diminshed L5, S1 disc. He tried pain killers such as Naprosin, as well as muscle relaxers, which did not handle the pain permanently. He was afraid to move too much and had to guard against certain movements for fear of hurting himself. After three treatments with Dr. Tong, he is virtually pain free. Jim was also somewhat depressed and withdrawn from the pain. He now feels emotionally better and much happier and socially open. 

Bowel Obstruction, Constipation, Depression

Jenny (see #75 4-13-02, #94 10-12-02, #128 6-28-03, #140 11-15-03) Kandra’s daughter had an obstruction in her bowel and had a natural bowel movement for the first time yesterday. She was also suicidal and depressed. Now after Dr. Tong’s treatments, she is no longer depressed and looks forward to getting treatments. She is also working out more and getting healthier.

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