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Anxiety, Panic Attacks

(Holly, from Indiana, see RS #39 6-30-01) – Continuation from last week.  Suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.  Was prescribed natural hormones by her doctor, 9 days later she walked with a heart monitor for 2 blocks and her heart rate jumped to 160 beats/min.  She was only walking and she felt faint and light headed.  After she stopped taking the hormones, she improved.

Subdural Hematoma, Stroke, Seizure

(Vladmir, see RS #47 9-1-01) – Owns his own horse farm and has been treating his horses with herbs for 27 years.  Three years ago, his mother, Rosa, had a brain surgery and suffered from a subdural hematoma.  She had no feeling in the right side of her body.  Her neurosurgeon stated that her prognosis was bad.  Vladimir insisted that she see an acupuncturist after much resistance from the hospital staff.  After 5 acupuncture treatments, the feeling in her right side was restored.  Rosa has now had 4 treatments with Dr. Tong.  She now has total function of her mind and emotions.  She is now starting to walk and her speech has improved 80%.  Dr. Tong also took her off her brain medications which she experienced 22 side effects.  Before Dr. Tong’s treatments, she could not walk.  Now she is walking 500 feet.

Grand Mal Seizures, Epilepsy, Rash

(Dickie, see RS #46 8-25-01, RS #72 3-23-02 #264 10/10/09 YT Part 1, YT Part 2 )- Referred to Dr. Tong by Vladimir, for her 53 year old son, Jeff, who has had 4 major head injuries since age 13.  For the past 4 months, he has suffered grand mal seizures and epilepsy every 3 minutes, and has had 2 major falls.  After 3 treatments, Jeff’s speech and alertness is much improved, he has not had any major seizures, and his red itchy skin rash has disappeared.

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