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Hearing Problems, Vision Problems, Breathing Problems, Voice Loss, Weak muscles/joints, Frequent Coughing, Digestive Problems, and Back Pain

Dickie (RS #40 7/7/01 RS  #46 8/25/01, RS #72 3/23/02, YT Part 1, YT Part 2 ) is an 89 year old nutritionist that lives in Idaho. She has problems with vision, hearing, and breathing. She works full time so she loses her voice and gets coughs frequently she also has weak muscles and joints. She also struggled with digestive problems. She fell on location after climbing a ladder and injured her back. She then was recommended by her company to see western doctors for the workers comp. She did not find any relief from the western medicine. After her NBE treatment she was free from back pain and digestive problems. She did not have her abdominal pain or weak muscles. She gets treatments from Dr. Tong once or twice a year since she travels from Idaho.

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