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(Dickie, see #40 7-7-01 #46 8-25-01, #264 10/10/09 YT Part 1, YT Part 2 from South Orange County, San Clemente) Nutritionist with a 53 year old son, Jeff, who has suffered from epilepsy since he was 13 from head injuries. He was prescribed with all different kinds of medications which have not rid him of his frequent seizures. He has also been hospitalized numerous times. Before seeing Dr. Tong, he was not in good shape. He would be fed intravenously, he has had loss of memory, and he cannot walk straight. His speech was slurred and he was incoherent. Since seeing Dr. Tong, Jeff is now talking, he understands what is being said to him, he is active and walking, and he is also doing wonderful artwork. His outlook in life has also improved. He is happy that he has finally found something that is helping him improve. However, because he is on Medicare, he cannot get treatments as frequently as is needed for rapid improvement.
Dr. Tong also treated Dickie from a work injury which caused her to have excruciating back pain. She could not sit, walk, turn from side to side, or stand from a squatting position. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, she could sit up from lying flat on her back with no pain, and she was dancing down the hallway.

Acute Bronchitis

 (Jason, Dr. Tong’s son, sophomore at UCLA) – Jason got sick last Thursday night before his final on Sunday. He had a stuffy nose and had trouble sleeping, so he took Nyquil on Saturday for his sleep so he could take his test. After he took the Nyquil, his heart started beating rapidly, he couldn’t talk, and he had a difficult time moving. He was then taken to the emergency room. The toxicology tests showed no overdose. Dr. Tong gave him a treatment but did not treat him for his bronchitis. The next day, Jason took his exam. He lost his memory, he couldn’t think clearly, and could not concentrate. Dr. Tong then gave him treatments after his exam, and his bronchitis was gone in 2 days.

Joseph (caller) – 17 year old diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at age 5, diagnosed with cataracts 3 years ago and had surgery for it. He has no peripheral vision. 


 (Elizabeth from Anaheim, CA ) Suffered from crippling arthritis for 26 years. Received one treatment with Dr. Tong and can now get up out of a chair. She feels that the current medical system is terrible. Patients are put on drugs to keep them sick.

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